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Jang In Ho is a radio PD who grew up without a mother. Jeon Seol is a talented singer and composer, however, a scandal about beating his ex-wife caused him to quit his job. He also has a dark past as his father committed suicide after his business failure. When they first meet, they don't get along, but as time passes they begin to fall for each other. However, a secret between their families threatens their relationship. Edit Translation

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  • Country: South Korea
  • Type: Drama
  • Episodes: 54
  • Aired: Oct 4, 2008 - Apr 5, 2009
  • Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
  • Original Network: KBS2
  • Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Score: 7.0 (scored by 217 users)
  • Ranked: #33357
  • Popularity: #3659
  • Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

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Dec 23, 2013
54 of 54 episodes seen
Completed 3
Overall 7.0
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
Your standard family drama. Love the first 20 or so episodes. Hilarious, filled with lots of family warmth, cute romance and a tolerable amount of drama that doesn’t go overboard. Not at first, anyway.

You'll meet one of the wackiest drama husbands/dads ever. Best way to describe the guy is to imagine the bombastic personality of somebody like say … Hugo Chavez, only he's Korean.

He runs his household with an iron fist and expects full submission from his wife and daughters, but there's no doubt that he loves his family. In fact, he's close to perfect husband material in many ways, but a dictator nonetheless. He, along with his wife, are the highlight of the show, believe it or not!

Fans of the very cute Song Joong Ki will not be disappointed. He and his lady love are an equally humorous duo, esp in later episodes.

As the series progresses it delves into more melodramatic territory which takes away a bit of its charm. The story meanders into a repetitive mess of parental blackmail & coercion, relying heavily on a series of coincidences and contrivances that would make even a 6 yr old scoff.

I did not care for the Kim Bo-Ri story arc, much of which consists of making mountains out of molehills when her situation was easily resolvable.

Moreover, she was the typical innocent, naive ‘country girl comes to the big city’ type heroine with noble idiocy that you see all over dramaland. I didn't hate her, but I didn't care for her either. Throughout the show I kept wishing she’d go away; sadly she remained to the very end. I much preferred the confident and warm-hearted Jang Inho (though you never did see any tears when she cried! lol).

A few aspects of the show compromised my enjoyment:

The drama details the important role of fathers in Korean society. I found this notion of single fatherhood novel because in a strongly patriarchal society where women are upheld as the sole caregivers, it serves to show that men too are just as capable of nurturing children. Confucian values that permeate Korean daily life, those of strong family bonds and honouring one's parents/elders, are also explored.

You’ll fall in love with Kim Sung Soo as the disillusioned, down on his luck single dad struggling to provide for his children. KSS didn’t really convince me with his acting, but his character was nevertheless wonderful here. The only ‘nice guy' hero I’ve seen in a long time that gets my full love and support without reservation.

Now obviously if I was looking for shows which espouse Western values I wouldn't be watching Asian dramas, but the show presented a few cultural and social mores that were a bit hard for me to swallow.

First and foremost, the parents in this drama were appalling! (except Dictator Dad). Manipulative, coercive; blackmailing their children with threats of disownment and suicide if they didn't do what they say, was their default approach to EVERYthing. I couldn’t fathom how in the world such callous & bizarre ultimatums constituted love, esp when your child is rendered utterly miserable as a result of your unreasonable, draconian demands. It made me dislike the parents … a lot; and these adult children too, to some extent, because they NEVER once tried to take charge of their own lives. Not even a little bit. I’m not saying they should turn against their parents, but certainly some form of protest, defiance, a rebuttal even, would have seemed more credible than complete surrender in the face of being treated like objects rather than human beings?

Basically, this story is all about parents constantly denying their grown children the right to manage their own lives. Over and over and over again for at least 30 of the 54 episodes.

Secondly the drama misleads its viewers in 2 major ways:

1) Halfway through the lead characters are switched. So you start out thinking one particular couple is the focus of the story … you root for them and fall in love with them … only to see their screen time gradually reduce to barely 5 mins of the 1+ hr runtime. dafuq? This particularly annoyed me because I could care less for the couple who took over the spotlight.

2) For the vast majority of the show you'll be shipping certain couples only to be blindsided by the end of the drama. I hate, hate, HATE when writers pull these stupid ass stunts. HATE. IT. To avoid disappoint, don't take too much of what you see in this drama at face value.

Last but not least while romance was constant throughout the drama it was exceptionally DRY. Please tell me how many times can you hug someone as a show of affection when you're supposedly passionately in love? I know there are strong censorship laws in Korea, but certainly characters can show affection for someone they claim to be madly in love with without locking lips (or resorting to one lame ass hug after another)? Writer-nim, PD-nim, how about tender kisses on the forehead, kissing the hand of your loved one, nuzzling the face, jump into his arms lean your foreheads together & stare deeply into one another's eyes, walking arm in arm, cuddling on the couch etc? It IS possible to create authentic intimacy without blatant sexualization. I guess I'll never get used to Korean prudishness as shown on their TV...

In closing, I simply can’t get on board with the overall moral of this story. First, we’re no longer living in Silla. If you’re an adult in modern society you should have some say in how you live your life. After all your parents aren’t going to keep you warm at night or satisfy your sexual desires. Second, making sacrifices for one's children is inevitable and a natural part of being a parent. Nevertheless, biological parents shouldn’t be together at all costs just for the sake of a child. Even when you’re a parent it’s not healthy to neglect your own wants & needs ... as long as doing so doesn’t compromise the physical and or emotional health of the child. You only have one life to live, and if you’re happy, likely your kid will be too. JMHO.

Despite these complaints, I DO recommend My Precious You to family drama lovers. Is it perfect? No, but it's worth watching at least once, esp if you’re used to or no longer suffer from culture shock regarding the issues expressed herein. You’ll enjoy the family warmth, the comedy and all the secrets are revealed at an even pace so things don't get too drawn out in that regard. If you’re still a drama newbie like me this drama will be enjoyable if you go in knowing what to expect. That way things don’t come across so shocking & bizarre. It is in this capacity that I hope this review has been helpful to you.

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  • Drama: My Precious You
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 54
  • Aired: Oct 4, 2008 - Apr 5, 2009
  • Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
  • Original Network: KBS2
  • Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older


  • Score: 7.0 (scored by 217 users)
  • Ranked: #33357
  • Popularity: #3659
  • Watchers: 847

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