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The young, beautiful, carefree Ploypailin comes from a wealthy publishing family. She has fond memories of her once-pudgy childhood friend and secret first love, Kevin. But when her family’s business hits rock bottom and eventually bankrupts, she experiences such hardships that her once radiant beauty begins to fade. Ploypailin becomes an intern at the fashion magazine where the now-handsome Kevin has risen to senior editor. Desperately wanting to reignite the spark between them, Ploypailin persuades her attractive friend Randa to pose as her to reunite with him. Things get messy when Ploypailin is assigned to work directly under Kevin, who scolds her regularly, still unaware of her true identity. Randa, who is supposed to dump Kevin, falls for him instead! Compounding Ploypailin’s troubles is her co-worker Tula appears to be falling for her! Will anything go according to plan? (Source: Viki; edited by Lee C at MyDramaList) Edit Translation

  • English
  • Ελληνικά
  • Português (Brasil)
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  • Country: Thailand
  • Type: Drama
  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Aug 27, 2021 - Nov 13, 2021
  • Aired On: Friday, Saturday
  • Original Network: Channel 3
  • Duration: 43 min.
  • Score: 7.5 (scored by 293 users)
  • Ranked: #5851
  • Popularity: #8128
  • Content Rating: 13+ - Teens 13 or older

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Feb 1, 2022
24 of 24 episodes seen
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Overall 8.5
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 7.0

The value of knowing one's self-worth and loving yourself first

I have seen the Korean original and Chinese adaptation of this drama, and I liked them both. Each one brought its cultural style, and even though none were perfect, the great mix of comedy, romance, and drama resulted in entertaining watches for me. It is the same for this Thai version.

I read some criticism that the acting was too exaggerated, but I have enjoyed enough Thai lakorns to expect and accept that. For me, Thai lakorns have their brand of slapstick antics that mesh well with the plot and character development. This lakorn, Me You Always, had its unique flair and provided a good amount of situational comedy, witty, and lowbrow humor for some good laughs. Also, with great timing, rhythm, and sound effects, the show swings from romantic to dramatic to funny quickly and smoothly, and it keeps the entertainment level high throughout the show. There were some deviations from the Korean and Chinese versions, a few for the better, and a couple took away poignant moments for me. The ending in the Thai version though is my favourite.

For those who have not seen the original or any of its adaptations, the plot is based on the classic and over-used "Childhood Love" trope. Still, the story develops nicely and interestingly in this particular drama. It's truly a sweet rom-com, but you will feel angst during the prolonged misunderstanding on the ML's part and some noble idiocy on the FL's side. You will also get the second male lead syndrome, or at least I did, for all the versions. Most of the plot is about the FL deceiving the ML about her identity and how despite it all (including a sexy, eager SFL), he still falls in love with the FL.

In all versions, the ML is a jerk at first. However, some of it is due to him being bullied during his younger days, and he grows up developing a prickly shell. His mean attitude towards the FL is mostly because he is so confused and trying to fight against the attraction that he feels towards her, especially when he thinks he has already found his first love (the FL's best friend).

I like that in this version, the show did not have Ploy, the FL go through any significant makeover. She looked normal, albeit a little unkempt and dowdy with her oversized clothing and lack of attention to her appearance, but she was still pretty and cute, especially when she smiled. I love how Ploy improved her outer beauty naturally and realistically as she started to pay more attention, such as using proper skincare, contacts, and tidying up her hair. Most of all, I like how Kawin (or Win), the ML came to love her for her character and the connection he felt with her, the same closeness he had with his first love.

Fang Neerasingh as Ploy and Pae Arak Amornsupasiri as Kawin were adorable together. They had awesome chemistry and looked good onscreen - I love the height difference. They played off each other well and nailed every scene.

Ploy was a strong, happy-go-lucky FL whose physical appearance belied how tough and plucky her character was after having gone through hardship in life. For sure, there were moments where I wanted to yell at Ploy for not having the courage to tell Kawin the truth, and she was the one who started her best friend, Randa's deception. Still, Randa could have made better choices. In the end, though, it all worked out neatly, and I like the character development of Ploy, Kawin, and Randa. It's great that Ploy prioritized her self-development, and Kawin was equally amazing in allowing Ploy time and room for her to pursue her ambition. After waiting years for her, he was confident in himself and their relationship.

This is the first drama of Fang's that I watched, and I thought she did a great job. She was able to convey different emotions with her facial expressions, and her crying scenes were pretty much on-point. Her cute "girl next door" look reminds me of other Chinese and Korean actresses, but I still cannot place which ones exactly. She also sang one of the main songs.

I am not a fan of Pae's hairstyle here, but he is still as charming and attractive as ever. I like his portrayal of Kawin and his mood swings as we see Kawin struggle against his curiosity about Ploy that eventually evolved into attraction and ultimately love.

There's lots of accidental skinship (yes, "mostly the trip and fall into his arms" and the "oops, I turned my face and my lips almost found his" kind), but since these two were so cute together, these scenes only increased the sweetness factor for me. I wish there were more kissing because they looked comfortable and natural together when they did. However, I did feel that the other versions did a better job showing how the ML slowly fell for the FL.

As for the second male lead, it is the way the character is written that would result in the second male lead syndrome. He's sensitive, cool, super sweet, and supportive of the FL. Nat Kitcharit played Tula well, and there were so many times when I would smile at the chemistry between Tula and Ploy.

The acting was great across the board, and there was just so much rapport between the cast!

There were not many songs played in the drama, and most pieces were instrumental. However, the theme song was fun and reflected the cute tone throughout the drama. The other one is the more romantic song and the instrumental version was used a lot during the meaningful scenes. It definitely heightened the romantic experience for me. For posterity, I have listed those two here:

1) "จับมือเธอไว้" ("Hold Your Hand")

2) "ฉันจะกล้าพอ" ("I Will Be Brave Enough")

Overall, do give this drama a try! The sweetness, the silliness, the laughter, the terrific cast, the lovely ending - there's enough to keep you entertained!

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Jul 28, 2022
24 of 24 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 4.5
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 5.0
Music 5.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
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Not a fan

I'll admit to having watched the Korean version, and the Chinese version before this one. I pretty much liked the Korean version, the Chinese less so. Unfortunately, this one came in third for me.

I found this one too slapstick, I didn't care for the acting at all, and the clothing wasn't very good either. The ML basically lived in a brown suit, which he also wore to his wedding. The FL clothes were okay, but everyone else seemed like caricatures of real people, both in the way they acted and the way they dressed. This is the first version that I didn't get SLS. Don't get me wrong, he was sweet, nice and took care of her and everyone else, but he just looked sleazy with his little moustache and goatee. I also thought she was inordinately attached to him - especially when she was going to let him kiss her when he left,

I thought the ML's behavior and attitude were better in this version, he was more likeable. I didn't find him terribly attractive, though. The FL was dowdy at the beginning, but in no way ugly. She was beautiful throughout.

My biggest problem with all the versions is the fact that the FL best friend does what no best friend should ever do, and basically the FL keeps apologizing for it, when she was the one that was wronged.

I thought the main couple was very sweet in this version.

I've watched a couple of other T dramas, and I find their acting to be over-exaggerated, which bothers me, but that's just a personal opinion.

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  • Drama: Me Always You
  • Country: Thailand
  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Aug 27, 2021 - Nov 13, 2021
  • Aired On: Friday, Saturday
  • Original Network: Channel 3
  • Duration: 43 min.
  • Content Rating: 13+ - Teens 13 or older


  • Score: 7.5 (scored by 293 users)
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  • Popularity: #8128
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