Ichijo Futa spends his days as an impeccable high-spec man. However, he finds a way of life after falling in love unexpectedly.

Ichijo likes to eat naked — his way to relieve stress after working overtime until morning — and he falls asleep at his grandmother’s house. One day, Miki Mahiro, his grandmother’s friend who runs a fruit and vegetable store, comes into the house and happens to witness Ichijo eating naked, which is Ichijo’s secret that he has been keeping from anyone until now.
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Journalist Jun discovers an exceptional bakery hidden in the middle of Seoul, but the family business is on the verge of closure. Meanwhile, estranged brother Sang Hyuk returns to reconnect and, with Jun's help, protect the secret family recipes.
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Tokoro Madoka works at a publishing company and is an editorial staff of Juice, a monthly manga for young women. She has not experienced real love even though she is 33. Madoka is in love with Hakkaku Naoya, a popular colleague in the sales department. When she consults the manga artist that she is in charge of, she is advised to “stalk” him through meals. “If you don’t have the courage to have a meal with him, check out what he has eaten and you’ll feel him.” Taking this advice to heart, Madoka eats dishes such as a beef bowl, mackerel simmered in miso and omurice and lets herself fantasise.
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Prequel of Katakoi Gourmet Nikki....is a must watch if you like Japanese or Asian foods. Hiraoka Yuta doesn't seem getting older even he almost reach 40s. I enjoyed most of Hiraoka Yuta & Motokariya Yuika drama/movies.
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There are various ways to start love; there are also various ways to end love. However, one will get hungry no matter how the love ends. Kimimaru Miki is an illustrator from STO Kikaku and has a comics essay serialization called "Shitsuren Meshi" on a free paper. The comics essay mainly talks about the different people Miki meets in the city who eat delicious meals to heal their broken hearts.
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Suzuki Kirara was freeloading in a cafe owned by her housemate, Ono Nozomi, and worked part-time while looking for a job.

One day, Kirara by sheer chance meets Homura Shin, who forcibly invites her to become a presenter for a TV shopping program. Homura was the production manager of Lefon Retailing, a company that runs TV shopping programs.
After being suddenly thrown into the world of TV shopping and through her involvement with people like Kaieda Asuka, a popular navigator, and Sakuraki Yuu, a formerly popular child actor presenter, Kirara gradually grows as a presenter.
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Ikeda Yoshimi, a 28-year-old editor of a literary magazine who loves otome games and loves good-looking guys, will be in charge of a gourmet magazine even though she is not good at eating with ultra-small meals. However, she notices that when she eats with good-looking men, her appetite increases, and she pursues "good-looking rice" to improve her small meals.
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Yang Eun Bi is a university student preparing for her civil service exam with the dream of being a high school teacher. She accidentally encounters Cha Chi Soo, the arrogant son of the biggest food conglomerate in Korea. Cha Chi Soo fascinates women with his good looks and charm. Eun Bi is attracted to him before she finds out that he is only a high school student and thus several years younger than her. However, her student-teaching assignment finds her not only working at the high school that Cha's family owns but teaching his homeroom class. She grows to dislike him for his arrogance and lack of empathy. He, on the other hand, becomes fascinated with her because she is tough and athletic, unlike the other women he knows.
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Mei Benikawa is 28-years-old. She works in the public relations department for a cosmetics company. She is beautiful and does her job so well that she was chosen as the leader of the public relations department at a relatively young age. Mei Benikawa is also the target of jealousy by her co-workers. Rumors exist that she goes overboard eating only healthy foods to maintain her appearance. In reality, Mei Benikawa enjoys drinking alcohol alone at a chain restaurant on her way home from work. She treats herself to this as a reward for working hard. She drinks alcohol and eats alone for an inexpensive price. Doing this, Mei Benikawa encourages herself for tomorrow.
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Toge Nayuta is a professional Shogi player. Her games last for about 10 hours. She also thinks carefully about what she will eat during breaks in the game. Her choices in meals helps her win games.
~~Based on the manga series "Shogi Meshi" by Nagisa Matsumoto
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Koiwa Mimiko manages a small bakery that has been in her family for generations, but struggles doing it all on her own. Kita Kaoru, who is 6 years younger than Mimiko, begins working at the bakery part time. He used to be a chef at a Michelin star restaurant, but doesn't speak about his past. Despite his secrets, Kaoru becomes an indispensable presence in Minako's bakery and life.
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Masato is a young ramen chef in the city of Takasaki in Japan. After the sudden death of his emotionally distant father, he chances upon a suitcase of memorabilia and a red notebook—filled with musings and old photos—left behind by his Singaporean mother, who died when he was just ten years old.

Acting on a hunch, he takes off for Singapore with the notebook, hoping to piece together the story of his life, as well as that of his parents. There he meets Miki, a Japanese food blogger and single mother who helps him track down his maternal uncle Ah Wee, who runs a bak kut teh stall. Masato discovers that his grandmother Madam Lee is still alive, and that she holds the key to the tender yet turbulent love story of his parents. Masato and his grandmother try to heal each other's broken souls, and they find salvation in the kitchen, where the meals they cook become more than the sum of their ingredients.

~~ A co-production between Singapore, Japan, and France.
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Sakuragi Shino is an OL. She attends a wine party recommended by her boss, even though she isn't comfortable at such a fancy get together. There, Sakuragi Shino meets Oda Kazushi. He is knowledgeable about wine and he doesn't show off his success as a businessman. She becomes attracted to him, but Oda Kazushi gets arrested for accounting fraud later. Sakuragi Shino is confused by the situation, but she keeps attending the wine parties and becomes hooked on wine.
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Jun and Yoriko are a couple living in the same apartment. Always busy with work, Sunday is the only day they can spend in each other's company. One day Yoriko decides to "smoke" cook some food. Preparing the food together, waiting for it together, eating together… as long as they're together, they're happy.
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Kiki Inoue works part-time at a convenience store, spending the better part of her day lazing about or reviewing sweets on her social media account. One day at work, she is introduced to the chain’s CEO, Takumi Asaba, who, as it turns out, is familiar with Inoue’s online reviews. Asaba asks Inoue to develop new desserts to sell chain-wide.
As CEO, Asaba is tasked with turning around the chain’s fortunes, as it is now ranked the lowest among its competitors. Close collaboration leads Inoue and Asaba to become sweet on each other.
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