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Cunning Single Lady Episode 14

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Apr 11, 2014

Very sad episode

Finally a serious ep. Don't misunderstand me, I've really liked this drama so far but on some episodes it was just "more fun". lol.

Seung Hyun has changed all of a sudden because of his love for Ae Ra. I can't believe he's going to such lenghts to get... a woman! Like Jeong Woo said once, business and private life shouldn't be mixed. This shows how SH is still young. Enough with the revenge because the person you love isn't going to love you back!!

And the same is doing his sister. At first I really liked her character. She wasn't the usual second lead who was obsessed with the male lead and her only goal was getting his love, but then she sort of became one. Although her situation is understandable since she went through a lot because of his father, it's not good for her to want Jeong Woo only because she doesn't want to be alone. I think what she needs the most is therapy. She hasn't completely healed since the accident and like we saw in previous episodes, it's like she is imagining CJW as her dead husband... maybe she fell in love with him just because he was the closest man to her. Maybe she isn't even in love with him, she just idealized his persona.

As for Ae Ra and Jeong Woo, it's clear that their feelings for each other have resurfaced. I've been expecting for JW to find that AR had lost their child. His reaction is very IC and he was the only one who could comfort her after she remembered it. I believe we may get a baby for them after they get back together...? Y/Y? I hope so :D Right now they are in a situation where they can't be saved by their love alone. Before they can move to their dream house with a possible heir, they need to solve their current problems. Na Ae Ra may distance herself from Jeong Woo because she may think she could be a hinderance. But I see JW go get her and tell her that only if she supports him this time, they can get through this otherwise they wouldn't give themselves a chance and would repeat the same mistakes of the past.

Hope this show ends well!!

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Apr 11, 2014


I honestly can't believe how corrupted the Gook-family is! It's unbelievable how all 3 of them are so egoistical and can't see the facts right in front of their eyes!
I am so angry right now! Yeo Jin is a psycho that definitely needs a therapy and Seung hyun needs to grow up! As for the father .. I think it's too late for him to change. He didn't understand when he married his wife that you can't buy people with money and he still doesn't understand. People are no toys, old man!
Kudos to Jeong Woo that he knows what he wants and that he doesn't change his opinion just because of money and the thought that he will have a hard time because he'll have to start from scratch.
What I am worrying about right now is how Ae Ra will behave in the last 2 episodes. I bet she's going to do something altruistic and very very stupid. Although I hope that she will not and that she will fight belongside Jeong Woo and fight for him.
Jeong Woo and Ae Ra, fighting!

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