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Both shows are about a detective who sees ghosts of the victims. The ghosts help in the investigations. In both shows the mood is a bit on a dark side.
The main difference pretty much is that BORDER is a Japanese show while Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong is a Korean one... with all the usual consequences. Also, the ending [which I am not going to spoil here] is not really similar. Otherwise, pretty decent ghost detective stories, both of them.
Recommended by hmyr
Both are mystery shows involving murder cases with bleak atmosphere and slow yet engaging plot.
Recommended by bossmama
Both male lead had near-death experience with bullet stuck in their head however one is a grim reaper whereas the other is a police who can communicate with the dead to solve cases.
Recommended by loveanimeever
7.9 SP (2007)
Both were written and directed by the same people. These two drama both have protagonists that are very observant and are in the police force. SP is more focused on action instead of mystery, since you know who the bad guys are in SP right away, though there is some mystery. They also are both crime and thriller dramas.
Recommended by dejawufan
Both have a protagonist that can see dead people, but in this case, he let's them enter his body and settle their unfinished business. Really good, a must watch!~ \(^.^)/??
Recommended by MichelleNaruto
Both are from the same screenwriter Kaneshiro Kazuki and I both are crime doramas. I got from similat feel from them, but I find BORDER a bit darker in execution. Both are interiting watch with great ending.
Recommended by moirain
both have a flawed hero; dark; have big portion of crime/ investigation /mystery plot; and have a shocking twisted ending....
Recommended by Simplifica
- It looks like a detective drama, but more psychology crime
- Have Haru on both
Recommended by blueribbon
You won't relate them one to another, but in the end you'll realise they are so similar.
Recommended by Dia
Both focus on a detective whom through an on the job trauma, can see ghosts and use their messages to solve their murders.
Recommended by infiniti512
Both deal with a serial killer and the police officers who try and catch them.
Recommended by Allan
Both series are crime thrillers in which the main character uses supernatural means in order to help solve murder investigations.
Recommended by SilverCloud