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Bad Guys Episode 6

Desperate Chase

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  • Aired: November 08, 2014

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Mar 13, 2017

We're burying Woong Cheol today.

"We're burying Woong Cheol today." I really like how all of the guy's stories are getting weaved through the cases. Though now the cases are kind of their stories. Still super cool.

Jung Moon's is clearly going to be the "last" with the big reveal of who wants him dead.

That siad I loved the gang politics and even after being saved Woong Cheol's big boss is ready to kill the Bad Guys anyway. Though I'm super curious what Goo Tak's connection is to him, it's probably all going back to 2 years ago. (AKA 2012)

Clearly men don't have to worry about be stashed in trunks. I already knew all of the basics to cover for popping the trunk with or with out the built in release. The tale light trick is basics! Ha-ha. Oh, well. Now they'll all be prepared in the future, especially the big bad gangster boss.

So minor complaints Goo Tak spits way too much! Even an old western doesn't have this much. Plus, I'm very curious about cops firearms checks in Korea. In America if you disarm you're gun you have to report it and so on. There's a whole lot of paperwork and accountability if that bad boy gets fired. I'm seriously wondering how Goo Tak gets away with it.

Though the minor details have never really mattered to the show and I think to a degree this writer. (He wrote the script for Vampire Prosecutor.) This is such fun though and I love the cast. Mi Yeong digging around for the truth about Goo Tak is very interesting and I wonder if when she finds out how much trouble she's going to find herself in.

(On censorships I'm so surprised they haven't been blurring the guns, but the knives are getting super blurred.

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