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Bad Guys



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Both are dark and gritty dramas with a similar feel to them. They both have unconventional protagonists who are criminals/involved in the underground criminal world and deal with organized crime, are filled with action, and contain interesting plot twists throughout the series.
Recommended by Kanra
Dark dramas for adults.
'Love me...' focuse on romance also.
Recommended by Klaudia
Both feature sexy psychopaths. Bad Guys has Park Hae Jin. I Remember You has Park Bo Gum. While there is a romance subplot in IRY, in my opinion, there was zero chemistry. The real draw for both dramas is the bromance, the team comraderie in BG is great. And, the real chemistry in IRY is between Seo In Guk and Park Bo Gum. Highly recommend both.
Recommended by T0P
They're similar in the sense that they both are about teams of criminals and cops out to solve crimes and they're both OCN shows.
Recommended by Eeshie
both in bad guys and beautiful mind we have a "psychopath" as a main character. in both dramas the main character struggles to understand the people around him. also they are both pretty dark.
Recommended by elina
If you like suspense then watch Liar Game! In both dramas there is a psychopath and it keeps you on the edge all the time
Recommended by Joo-Hyun
8.8 Tunnel (2017)
the plots aren't anything alike, but they're both exciting dramas. both quench the in-the-mood-for-a-crime-thriller-drama thirst.
Recommended by dearD4NI
As fellow OCN dramas, these shows share a considerable amount of similarities: (1) the beloved dark, gritty OCN ambiance, (2) tortured male leads with cryptic pasts, (3) an overarching mystery that is slowly unraveled within the story line composed of numerous smaller cases, (4) quick, brutal violence that is generally mob vs 1, (5) growth of the camaraderie between unlikely partners, and (6) I'm sure many other similarities that will be revealed as the season continues!
Recommended by pigtails4ever
8.4 Punch (2014)
you really want to know if the ends justify the means. both dramas have people doing good and bad things for a variety of reasons and you really don't know who to root for but you hope that good triumphs. Or whatever passes for good in this world.
Recommended by MJ
If you're much in the action, thriller or crime dramas try these two! They're also involving prosecutors, detectives, fugitives, killers, guys who get punished for something they didn't do, ...
Recommended by Dia
A less-than-human-becoming-human journey.

One of main characters in both movie and drama is a very similar dark (scary, but also kinda... cute?) psycho with some deep issues and history of psychological (mis)treatment. Both stories show us a lot of violence and you can't really figure out the psycho character till the very end.

Difference between these two is mostly that Bad Guys is a drama and not a movie (so not as short and has more story parts intertwined) and has other significant and complicated characters aside from the psycho.
Recommended by hmyr
Another OCN crime thriller drama. Some gritty suspense and action-packed sequences. Not only does this show deliver on the slick and edgy directing style we’ve come to expect from this genre, but Bad Guys also boasts a strong narrative and tough characters.
Recommended by TokkiLily
8.2 The K2 (2016)
Action packed!!! Amazing actors. Never sitting down without being on the edge of your seat!!
The chemistry between all the actors was tremendous.
Plot was well thought out!
Recommended by DyingtobeinKorea
There is an episode of Bad Guys dealing with serial murders in the rain that reminded me of the movie Memories of Murder where the female victims where all killed when it rains.
Recommended by Tiffany
They both are pretty cruel dramas. Both are made by the same channel, OCN. Both have these special teams solving the cruelest crimes. I really recommend both ones
Recommended by HAVA-RAVA