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Bad Guys Episode 8

Truth's Shadow

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  • Aired: November 22, 2014

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Mar 22, 2017

Oh, sure. Just leave me in suspesne.

Oh, sure. Just leave me in suspense. So finally the underused Mi Yeong is getting sometime to shine. Facing off with her boss, figuring out hard truths. Now she has all the answers and is leaving me in the dark. (Okay so I have some guesses and I could be spot on. Still! So mean!)

The idea that Jung Moon had killing blackouts has been a true mystery of the show. Especially how everyone of the Bad Guy team, except for Mi Yeong, is connected is the other. I'm very curious if in the end the Prosecutor will actually be the culprit.

At the start of this episode I was flirting with the idea that Jung Moon had an evil twin. (Just because I was thinking about the most common soap opera tropes.) But clearly I'm now firm in brain washing by the shrink. Creepy right?

"What do you want from me? Truth or blame?" - Jung Moon

I loved it when Goo Tak and Jung Moon faced off. I don't believe Goo Tak order all the hits. I think even he has doubts about Jung Moon. Hearing the other guy blame him made him want to act rashly. However, Jung Moon was never scene actually doing it. Maybe he never killed the people even? (Though if you were brainwashing someone it would make sense to make them do the deed instead of just popping up to take blame.)

I wanted some more bad buy team bonding, but I realize that at episode 8 things are going to have to move faster to wrap up nicely by 11. Yeah only 3 more left! Wowza!

With Jung Moon kidnapped and no longer with a tracking device on all bets are off! Let's hope that Goo Tak doesn't kill him when he finds him.

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