by Ceki, March 29, 2018

You've probably noticed that MDL has added Filipino content to the database, which is very exciting! However, MDLers are still getting used to the dramas and films from the Philippines and many are unsure where to begin. So I thought, why not check out Pinoy (an informal way of referring to Filipino people) remakes of popular Korean dramas? Perhaps you will get interested in some (or perhaps even disappointed, but oh well). 

So here's a list of K-dramas adapted into Filipino dramas to this date! If I missed some, please let me know in the comments below.

 Full House

Original: Full House (2004)

Jessie is a naive writer who gets swindled out of everything she owns, including her house, by her brother, Donald, and his pregnant  girlfriend, Lisette. Stranded in Prague, she manages to borrow money from famous actor Justin Lazatin (Richard Gutierrez) to return to the Philippines. On her return, she finds out that her house was bought by Justin. Then, big news  breaks that he will marry someone. Justin has a big problem so he asks Jessie to fake a marriage. They agree to stay married for one year, enough time for Jessie to repay Justin's loan.

My Girl

Original: My Girl (2005)

Jasmine (Kim Chiu) is a poor yet industrious girl. Since she has traveled to different places with her father, Jasmine is street smart, charming, and witty. She is also a fighter and uses her favorite line "Tira-tira!" when provoked. Because of a unique situation, she will meet Julian (Gerald Anderson) and, in an unexpected turn of events, Jasmine and Julian will be forced to  live in a web of lies and deceit.

All About Eve

Original: All About Eve (2000) 

Katrina Alegre is the best friend of Alma Bautista. Katrina was Frederico Gonzales's first love but Frederico's mother Dona Concepcion Gonzales forced Frederico to marry Lisa Cortez. While married to Lisa, Frederico fathers two daughters both to her and Katrina. Frederico gives Katrina a bracelet which was found one day in the same room where Lisa was found dead.

Katrina is imprisoned although she claims her innocence. Her daughter Erika Alegre Reyes is adopted by Mando Reyes. Alma marries Frederico. Warren Bautista, Alma's son, lives at the same house where the Gonzales lives. There, Warren and Nicole's attachment grows.

Pure Love

Original: 49 Days (2011)

This is the story of Diane, an optimistic rich girl who seems to have everything, her best friends Jackie and Kayla, her loving parents, her fiancé Raymond, and Ysabel, an average working girl who led a rather 'lifeless' life since her boyfriend died. One day, because of an accident, Diane and Ysabel's fates became entwined because a boy named Ronald saves Ysabel from her suicide attempt and Diane gets in an accident instead. In her state of coma, Diane discovered through the mysterious "Scheduler" that she wasn't destined to die yet. 

My Love from the Star

Original: You Who Came from the Stars (2013)

Matteo Domingo is an extraterrestrial being that disembarked on the Philippines back in the 16th century during the Spanish Colonial Era. As he ventures to aid a teenage girl, Marcella, from descending off a cliff, he failed to join his trip, the KMT 184.5 comet,  back to his planet and is grounded on Earth for the next four centuries  and counting. As time passes by and the story folds on, Matteo is forced to employ a  new identity every ten years, as his human appearance never ages.

In the present day, he disguises himself as a college professor and  teaches at a nearby university. With only three months left before his  much-awaited departure back to the planet where he came from, he would  meet Steffi Chavez,  an over-confident famous Filipino star who all of a sudden becomes his  adjacent condominium neighbor. Bit by bit, he finds himself  mischievously entwined in her crazy and unpredictable situations, and  realizes that she looks like the teenage girl he cared for and fell in  love with back in the 1500s. Matteo tries to keep himself unattached  from Steffi as he is going to leave the planet anytime soon, but  constantly finds himself failing to do so.

Ako si Kim Samsoon

Original: My Lovely Sam Soon (2005)

The story begins with Samsoon dealing with two devastating news- her  fiancé stood her up at their wedding, and their family's bakery was  gutted by a fire. Samsoon then decides to apply as a pastry chef in a  five-star restaurant where she crosses paths with the rich and arrogant  Cyrus in a very unusual spot-the male comfort room where he gives her a  piece of advice about love and men. Not long after, Cyrus will discover Samsoon's outstanding talent in baking and hires her to work in his  restaurant.

Coffee Prince

Original: Coffee Prince (2007)

The series chronicles the comedic lives and loves of the main  characters, Andy and Arthur. Andy is a hardworking young woman who  supports her mother and sister after the death of their father. To  sustain their daily needs, she earns a living as a tricycle driver. Arthur, on the other hand, is a happy-go-lucky and wealthy  bachelor whose family owns the biggest coffee factory in the country.  His grandmother constantly pressures him to settle down but Arthur is  not yet ready to tie the knot.

To avoid the dates arranged by his domineering granny, Arthur hires  Andy to pretend to be his gay lover. He doesn't know that Andy is just  pretending to be a guy to keep her job in Arthur's coffee shop.  Desperate to pay off her family’s debt, Andy is left with no choice but  to agree with Arthur's plan and to continue with her charade.

Complications arise when Andy starts to fall in love with Arthur. He  is likewise unable to control his feelings for Andy and he starts  questioning his sexuality.

Baker King

Original: King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo (2010)

Takgu is the illegitimate son of Johnny Lee, president of Lee Han Seong  Bread Factory. Because of this, the Lee family does not accept him.  After his mother is kidnapped, Takgu leaves the Lee home and spends his  teenage years looking for her while living on the streets and surviving  though odd jobs. He ends up at the famous Lucky Bakeshop where he will  unexpectedly face off against his half-brother, Michael. Butin addition to learning how to become the best baker in the Philippines, Takgu will learn about life and love.

Endless Love

Original: Autumn Tale (2000)

Johnny and Jenny grew up together as siblings under the care of their  parents Robert and Katherine. Johnny loves his sister very much and is  very protective of her. Their lives were discrupted when they found out  that there was a case of baby switching in  the hospital on the day that Jenny was born. They discovered that the  real daughter was Shirley, the poor, mean and resentful classmate of  Jenny. The lives of Jenny and Shirley are dramatically reversed in an  instant.

Green Rose

Original: Green Rose (2005)

Jerome Delgado has been offered the dream job that has also been the  part of his life. Jerome becomes part of the SR group of companies. In  this predicament, he will meet Angela Tuazon, a young woman who he meets  in his new environment. Both come from different worlds and  circumstances, but after a fateful business ride turns into a disaster  as their cargo truck breaks down, the two find themselves getting to  know each other after a night in the woods. Jerome and Angela fall in  love, but beyond people's beliefs and personal wants and needs, the two  will go through obstacles leaving Jerome framed up in a situation he did  not even plan or know of, as Angela fights hard to believe that their  love can go beyond the threats. Will Jerome escape the prejudices and  pains of a crime he never commit?

A beautiful new tale of a story of how far one will go to reclaim the love, name, and honor, that goes beyond existence.

I Can See Your Voice

Original: I Can See Your Voice (2015)

On every episode, the guest artist(s) must attempt to guess six contestants (SEE-cret songers) who are skilled vocalists (SEE-ngers) and who are tone-deaf vocalists (SEE-ntunados) without hearing them singing. A guest, with their help and advice of the SING-vestigators (collectively known as Sing of the Crime Operatives), then will eliminate one to two contestants in each round.

Eliminated contestant(s) will reveal their singing ability on the Stage of Truth.  Other talents like rapping, dancing, and instrument playing are  exempted as deciding factors, but it depends whom either confirm or  disprove the identity.

Lovers in Paris

Original: Lovers in Paris (2004)

Lovers in Paris follows the story of three people who will  discover the complexities of love. For Carlo, love is but a  responsibility. For Vivian, love is the greatest thing to give and to  receive. For Martin, love is self-gratification. Despite their different  views, these three will learn go through a life-changing experience  when their paths cross in Paris.

My Fair Lady

Original: My Fair Lady (2009)

Only You

Original: Only You (2005)

Despite her mother's protests, Jillian pursues her dream of becoming a chef by joining a cooking contest where  she gets a chance to study culinary arts in different Asian countries.  Before anyone can stop her, she is already on her way to South Korea  with her long-time best friend, Jonathan.  But it soon becomes clear to her that skill alone is not enough to make  her pass such a difficult course. So in her desperate attempt to  succeed and create a good life for her family, she goes in search for a  woman who can teach her a winning recipe.

Then she crosses paths with TJ,  an arrogant, wealthy businessman who is looking for his mother, the  same woman Jillian is after. They hardly get along yet they eventually  end up having a one-night stand as Jillian momentarily makes him forget  about his worries about his mom's second marriage. They go their  separate ways the next morning after a misunderstanding. It is only  later on that Jillian finds out that she's pregnant, which means that  she cannot continue her studies. Then a twist of fate brings them  together again in the Philippines six years after that fateful encounter  abroad.

Stairway to Heaven

Original: Stairway to Heaven (2003)

The story revolves on two characters whose love is eternal against all odds.....

At a young age Cholo Fuentebella and Jodi Reyes have been the best of friends. They grew up next to each other and  resided beside a beach house for a couple of years. But a time comes  that both have to go on their separate ways with Jodi's father Jovan, an architect who falls for and marries the character actress Maita Aragon.  The liaison seems to be the picture perfect family Jodi has always  wanted until all of a sudden, she must also deal with her step siblings  Tristan and Eunice from a past marriage. Eunice envies Jodi and considers Cholo hers.

The relationship of Cholo and Jodi takes on the first challenge when  Cholo leaves to study in the U.S. Before he left, the two young lovers  promised to wait for each other until Cholo has finished his studies.  Their only way of communication is through letters, but Eunice is the  one who receives Cholo's letters instead of Jodi. Jodi caught Eunice  keeping the letters, and after which they wrote to each other every day.

Two Wives

Original: Two Wives (2009)

The show revolves around Victor Guevarra  who lives with his wife Yvonne but falls in love with another woman  named Janine, a single mother. Yvonne finds out and asks him to leave.  Victor starts a new with Janine but as luck would have it, he meets with  an accident and loses all memory of Janine. Now Yvonne has to pretend  that she and Victor are still married.

Temptation of Wife

Original: Temptation of Wife (2008)

Angeline and Heidi share a deep bond of friendship ever since Heidi  was orphaned and was taken under the custody of Angeline's parents,  Abner and Minda. Angeline grows up responsible and compassionate while  Heidi, fueled by ambition and envy, secretly detests Angeline and always  feels inferior next to her.

Many boys are attracted to Angeline but she falls in love with  Marcel. It doesn't take long before Angeline becomes pregnant and gives  up on her dreams of becoming a nurse in order to marry Marcel.

Have you watched any of these remakes?
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