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by amrita828 on December 20, 2012
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Test: What Drama Are You?


You know those very accurate studies conducted by the Whatever University in the city of Those with Nothing Better to Do? Well, forget them: this is a test created by someone who didn't have anything worse to do: me.

Which basically means two things:
1. you are going to take it at your own risk - I hereby decline every responsibility. If you wake up tomorrow next to an actor you've never liked, it's not my fault, but your subconscious.
2. there’s nothing serious about this test. Therefore, it's going to be as revealing of your personality as a hammer blow on your left big toe.

Now that things have been clarified, you can happily bask in the pleasure of this… ehm… wonderfully clever test. Since I'm neither a shrink nor am I particularly skillful in computer programming, you'll have to do the maths, sum up the symbols in brackets and view the results at the bottom of the page. Cheating is not an option, and once you have answered the questions, you'll also know why! :P

If you haven't given up on me and the test yet, I'm glad to wish you a lot of fun.

1. You suddenly find out that
a) you must play at a concert looking like a man (or a woman if you're a man) []
b) your father is a weapons dealer living in Thailand []
c) you're the character of a manga who can play the violin []
d) you hate your classmate because he's weird []

2. Where have you been the last time you time-jumped?
a) What? I've never time-jumped in my life []
b) I was drinking soju with a pretty gisaeng and a hot rebel []
c) I have no idea. I only know that I squashed a mosquito and when I came back everyone had a lizard tongue []
d) I'm still there, don't bother me []

3. Nietzsche said that god is dead.
a) What did he die of? []
b) Nietzsche was wrong: I'm very much alive []
c) kon kon []
d) A stupid test shouldn't touch on such delicate matters []

4. You're a vampire. While sipping a rare AB-, you realize that
a) it's corked []
b) blood should be spared for kings and queens []
c) you were distracted and the killer got away []
d) actually, you’re a werewolf []

5. Your flatmate, an arrogant brat you overtly dislike and secretly love, has a high fever. You
a) spend the night applying a wet cloth on his/her forehead []
b) take the chance to have your way with him/her []
c) take the chance to eat that piece of cake, s/he was keeping in a private fridge []
d) call a doctor and have your way with him/her (the doctor, I mean) []

6. If A equals 5B and C doesn't equal D+2, what's the cost of a bowl of ramen?
a) 1 string of coins []
b) Can you repeat the question? []
c) What has this to do with Asian dramas? []
d) I hate maths []

7. You answered the previous question wrongly. Go to Jail without passing GO.
a) The creator of this test must find a better shrink []
b) Do I get something spicy to eat? []
c) Fine, while there I'll have the face of Yamapi tattooed on my arm []
d) How boring. This is the tenth time []

8. You have to reach the airport to prevent your lover from flying to New York and staying there for the next 47 years.
a) Start running []
b) You take a taxi but the driver refuses to piggyback ride you there. Insufferable man. []
c) You surrender to your cruel fate of heroic solitude []
d) You get there and serenade her/him in the departure hall. It won't prevent your lover from flying to NY, but it will provide the airport with some good music []

9. Which of the following is truer for you?
a) If you follow me, there will be an endless road of hardship []
b) I will practice violin so hard that I won't have any time left to cheat on you []
c) My dream is to move someone's heart with something I make []
d) Even in a place where reporters and fans don't chase after me, why is a pig chasing me? []

10. What's the Sungkyunkwan Scandal?
a) A tongue-twister []
b) Food. My mouth's watering already []
c) The story of a girl who sleeps with 3 hot guys. It makes you consider furthering your studies []
d) A famous university where they practise nudity []

11. Your partner cheated on you. You
a) plan your revenge and break everyone's heart except your ex-partner's. Your idea of revenge is a little twisted []
b) forget about him/her and start anew with his/her step-sibling []
c) become a stalker and walk around with a pair of sunglasses. They work so well that nobody recognizes you []
d) write a symphony about your experience []

12. What do you wear to bed?
a) A suit with jacket and tie or an evening dress with beads. Or both []
b) Whatever I had on while awake. I sleep on the floor anyway []
c) I can’t find the bed []
d) Chanel nr. 5 []

13. Gjki lson posdò trsgojngp dfg?
a) Omo! []
b) Do I get a prize if I decode this? []
c) I know this! I'm sure of it, I've heard it before. Wait… []
d) trsokadl rtgb mnql fdaà! []

14. Your parents have planned an arranged marriage for you.
a) You go along. What better method to gain a castle and a title? []
b) Never! You will look for your true love yourself among the members of a boy/girl band []
c) You find consolation in food []
d) You're 67. You feel you're too young for marriage []

15. You took this test
a) because, despite all evidence, you cherished a hope that it would tell you something about yourself []
b) out of pity for the creator (thank you, you're very sweet) []
c) you had nothing else to do while waiting for the drama episode to load []
d) what test? []











1. Prevalence of  - You're a Period Drama


It seems to me that a little clarity is due: it's now almost 2013. You know, a new millennium, I-pod and I-pad, Pluto is not a planet anymore and so forth. In your mind, however, hanbok, kat and obi are very much fashionable. Basically, you're a romantic who dreams of being abducted to a bamboo forest where you'll prove your bravery by striking an apple with an arrow.

No worries, not everything's lost: clearly, Asians have invented the time travel machine and you just need to buy a ticket. Last word of warning: you can take your laptop with you, but I’m afraid it won’t work well.

2. Prevalence of - You're Beautiful!

Of course what I mean is YOU are beautiful, not the drama. But technicalities aside, your not so secret dream is to be the only woman in a men's dorm or the only man in a female college. It may require some camouflage, but you don't need to worry because nobody's going to find out you're not your twin as long as you don't appear on screen side by side. 

Thanks to this clever little deceit, everybody is going to fall in love with you and have an identity crisis.
Your choice will be harder, but that's another drama.

3. Prevalence of - You're Nobuta!


Popularity sure is nice, but nothing beats true friendship. Therefore, please stop putting spiders in your classmates' pencil-case and start looking around. If a weirdo is coming down the stairs moving like a butterfly, he's bound to become your best friend, and there's no way to get rid of him. My humble suggestion is to enjoy your new found friends but to avoid the Sadako* look, which may cause some misunderstandings whether you're popular or not.

 *Sadako is the creepy character of the horror movie The Ring

4. Prevalence of - You're a City Hunter!


You've chosen the hard path, my friend. Perhaps you think that being smart and good at kickboxing will automatically grant you a kiss on the rooftop, but I have to remind you, you'll have to get rid of all the members of parliament, the evil reputed father, the police, the Golden Triangle and the Bermuda one, all computer viruses and the world famine before you are able to relax.

However, if you conquer this one you will get the guy/girl and together ride happily towards the sunset in a nice pair of pink trousers. Until the next season.

5. Prevalence of - You're Nodame!


You have a problem with order and tidiness. Don't deny it: not only I know it because I'm a talented psychologist, but you should finally fish your mobile phone from under that pile of papers and coffee cups.

On the bright side, you're a musical genius, or a musical talent, or a musical at least.

If you manage to find that sheet you put somewhere and run fast enough to reach the concert hall in time for your next performance, I foresee a bright future for you.

6. Prevalence of - You're Hungry!


When I say you're hungry, I mean literally. You have the unique ability to convert whatever happens in your life into something edible. One of the reasons why you're addicted to Asian dramas, is that they eat in almost every episode. Whoever said that love goes through the stomach, had someone like you in mind. Your life is certainly delicious, and if you happen to be as adorable as Chie-chan, I expect to be invited to your next drama dinner party.

I’ll bring dessert. 

7. No prevalence - You’re Hana Kimi!


Ok, I know I said this test must not be taken seriously, but you sure like to complicate things, and my life!

You’re a bit confused as to what you want and what you like. This seeming lightheaded-ness of yours makes you a beloved one among friends, who can never argue with you, but would rather agree with whatever you say than face your big, cute, imploring eyes 

I suspect you are well aware of it and know how to use your charm to your advantage.