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by WhenFangirlsAttack00 on January 1, 2013
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Goodbye 2012, and hello 2013!

Aren't we glad the apocalypse didn't happen? That could've really put a dent in our drama watching! But no need to worry, because luckily the world did not end with the year of the Dragon (yay! My PTW list has been saved) so even though the Chinese New Year isn't until February 4th, let's take a look at what's in store for the year of the Snake!
     Snakes, by nature, tend to be intelligent and graceful, (go figure) but they are also materialistic and are always looking for the best. Because of this, Snakes are seen as selfish and cold, but are truly hard-working in all that they do, and protective to those they love. They will analyze their decisions, ensuring both their happiness and benefits with everyone. Like all Zodiac animals, these traits are both blessings and curses, but you'll find that Snakes, as mischievous and self-serving as they can be, are loyal and trustworthy companions, always ready to work for what they want.

     So, maybe you yourself are a Snake! If you were born in '77, '89 or '01, then 2013 is your lucky year! According to the 2013 horoscope, this is your year for love and success! If you put yourself out there and work hard, then you will be blessed in both love and work. If you are indeed a Snake, open up and share the love, because this year is all about you.

     Of course, there are still eleven other Zodiac animals out there, and I haven't forgotten about you. (Insert bad Hunger Games reference here)
     If you are a horse, this is your year for adventures. You may find yourself roaming around in new territories, and you might even find that you enjoy it. I urge you to go out into the world and try new things, but keep in mind that you can't have it all. Find what you love and never let it go. Have a good time, find yourself, but know when to stop and enjoy what you have.
     Sadly for the Sheep, this is not your lucky year. Your bad moments may greatly outweigh your happy ones, but every cloud has a silver lining. Your good moments are guaranteed to be amazing, beautiful, and worth-while. They will be the center of your year, bringing you happiness in times that may leave you in despair. 2013 will instruct you on who your true friends are and what you are truly capable of. Thing of this year as a learning experience.
     Monkeys on the other hand, are in for a fabulous year! You will be blessed with love and happiness in pretty much EVERY aspect of your life. Your creativity and versatile nature will take you far. Of course, nothing's perfect and while you will run into some day to day struggles, this year gives you the chance to prove yourself,  and if you accomplish this, then you will succeed all year round.
     For Roosters out there, your loyalty will be your strong point this year. You're advised to use your loyalty and extend your trust, but do so wisely. Be sure that you are not taken advantage of for your kindness and stay true to yourself. If you can succeed in finding the middle ground, then you will succeed all through the year.
     If you're a Dog, then this year brings you much opportunity. It seems as though all of your giving through the previous years will finally bring you back something in return. But, of course, you can't just slack off. You will still have to work to get where you want to get. After all, noting in life is free, but this year will make that journey to happiness a bit easier. So, work hard, receive all that you deserve and 2013 will be great.
     This year in particular, is the perfect year for the Pigs to be a little egotistic. While you may normally want to help everybody and get nothing in return, don't be afraid to pamper yourself. Don't give in too easily to others, and don't take all the responsibility for yourself. Share the work and be a bit selfish. Of course, you won't want to neglect others and become lazy. While caring for yourself, make sure to not leave others behind. If you are capable of doing this, then your year will be a good one.
     Rats this year are in for a change, quite literally. This year is all about changes for you, whther it be in love, work, or friendship. Bit change isn't a bad thing, and this is what Rats must keep in mind throughout the New Year. By transforming yourself and you're lifestyle, you'll find that these small modifications may actually be welcoming. Embrace the changes, good or bad, and learn and grow from them. This year might seem lonely and new,  but everything will turn out well.
     If you are an Ox, then not much will change this year for you. In fact, much will stay the same, with the exception of your attitude. If you want this year to be prosperous and beneficial, then you'll have to work harder for the things you want. Being competitive may very well pay off, and facing problems head on may create great advantages for your future. Challenge yourself, push a bit harder, and this year will be a stable one with much fortune in all aspects of your life.
     Tigers by nature are will liked, and headstrong, but this may be your downfall this year. Your strong and overbearing spirit may cause people to distance themselves from your intensity. While this may be a chance to find who your true friends are, it may also be a gamble to lose those close to you. If you learn when to calm your passion, and give people the time and a chance to get to know you, then 2013 will be a year filled with friendship and happiness.
     For rabbits, this year you may want to move around, change your life, and try new things. This could all very well benefit you for this year, but remember that 2013 is not the only year left. Bear in mind that all of your decisions will carry on into the future. You have plenty of time to explore and experiment, so consider carefully what you're jumping into before you leap in head first.
     Dragons, this year, are going to have to rely on their blunt nature and determination, but they must also learn how to tame these qualities as well. This year is going to require you to work hard for your goals, but that also does not necessarily mean overly exerting your passionate tendacies a hundred percent of the time. This year demands balance! Know when to act and know when to wait, and all of the events of this year will turn out for the better.
     And, in the spirit of the year of the Snake, let's take a look at some of our favorite

                                  PSY                                                                              Kang Ji Hwan
                                                      Ji Sung                          Choi Kang Hee
                               So Ji Sub                                                                Chae Jung Ahn
                                    Won Bin                                                                 Lee Ji Ah

                                            Kim Woo Bin                                    Lee Jong Suk
                                            Kim So Eun                                Kim Bum
                                 Sato Takeru                                                                Mizobata Junpei
                      Jung Yong Hwa                                                                     Lee Sunny
                             Kaku Kento                                                                        Okada Masaki
                               Kata Seshiro                                                            Noh Jung Ui

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