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by Mary_madalena on January 3, 2013
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Hello people! I'm here in order to bring you 10 of the lowest rated Jdramas of 2012, which in some cases can be seen as the 'biggest disappointments' of 2012. Before I start, I only want to say that I was surprised! Some of the dramas I had put in my PTW list are of the lowest rated dramas in Japan, and I am very disappointed that some dramas are known to be terrible before I have even seen it..and then, there are some that I've previously seen that are even included below. So, if there are disappointed people, remember, WE are in the same boat! ;) [Obviously there were some dramas that may not have even reached a 1% rating, these 10 dramas below are dramas that had potential, but couldn't deliver..so to say]

And now, beginning with the LOWEST rated drama, we have:

Houkago wa Mystery Totomo ni (TV Rating: 1.5%)

Network: TBS
Episodes: 10
Synopsis: Ryo Kirigamine (Haruna Kawaguchi), who calls herself an excellent detective, is the vice chief of a detective club at school. Ryo and her friends solve cases that occur around them.
When I looked at the plot, I was really into seeing this, but I dropped the idea as soon as I saw the votes. Just look at the ratings here on MDL...it's rated a 5.60 I was very surprised that it came out like this, because I really enjoyed the content of the synopsis. I am really sad...

Kazoku Hakkei (TV Ratings: 2.0%)

Network: TBS
Episodes: 10
Synopsis: Nanase Hita (Haruka Kinami) is a psychic, able to read the minds of others. She works as a housekeeper, while frequently moving from job-eo-job. In the process, Nanase Hita unintentially reads the minds of the families that she works for and helps to solve their problems.
To be honest, I really haven't heard of this drama. I was really surprised that something like this even existed! Well, of course, I wouldn't know all the dramas that came out in 2012, but this drama seems very interesting--only half of it though. I think that the drama could be better if the main character were a high school student and NOT a housekeeper..but that's just my opinion.

Shiritsu Bakaleya Koko (TV Ratings: 2.8%)

Network: NTV
Episodes: 12
Synopsis: This drama is about how two high schools merge together. On one side is the "baka" all male high school, filled with troublemakers. The other side is the "cattleya" all girl high school, filled with well-educated girls from rich families. What will happen when the schools merge?
This definitely was a surprise to me. I had seen this drama and even though I can't say that this is a master piece, I really liked the drama, and it was quite unexpected that it would have such a low rank. I'm really disappointed.

Taburakashi Daikou Joyuugyou Maki (TV Ratings: 3.3%)

Network: NTV
Episodes: 13
Synopsis: Maki, a young woman, comes to Tokyo with dramas of becoming an actress. However, the theatrical troupe she belonged to disbanded, and she has become burdened with 6 million yen worth of debt. Maki hears of an audition and goes to OR Corporation. The President of OR Corporation Tokitada Matudaira sees Maki's acting talents and hires her as an actress. Tokitada Matsudaira then informs Maki that the stage where she will act is in the real world. The company sends out its actors into the daily lives of its clients on request.
This is another drama that I haven't heard of. I haven't seen it, but the plot is really attractive, and if I heard of this drama sooner maybe I would have seen it. And one more thing, doesn't this drama almost--sort of--sound like Skip Beat?

Teen Court (TV Ratings: 3.4%)

Network: NTV
Episodes: 11
Synopsis: The setting for the series is modeled after actual teen courts in the United States, which allow juveniles who have committed minor offenses to have their cases heard by their peers. In the drama, a 2nd year high school student named Nyakouji Misato serves as a prosecutor in teen court. Although the cases she deals with have already been investigated, she teams up with Saburo, a boy in her class, to re-investigate until her own curiosity has been satisfied.
I hear a lot about this drama, and I NEVER could have guessed that it would have this kind of rank! It's a total discrimination because I really thought that this would be one of the top dramas of 2012! But I will see this one no matter what. A stupid rank will not stop me from seeing this drama...or will it?

Family Song (TV Rating: 3.9%)

Network: Fuji TV
Episodes: 8
Synopsis: Masayoshi Hayakawa (Odagiri) was once a popular member of a rock band, Out of Justice, but after the band spit 13 years ago, Masayoshi's life has become somewhat of a mess. He drinks a lot, works at a radio station in which he has his own half hour show in the mornings, and occasionally attends meetings. One day, Masayoshi learns that he is the father of three young girls. He then begins taking care of them, but must hide them from his management office, because they are looking for an excuse to drop him from his contract. Through the girls, Masayoshi Hayakawa is able to grow as a person and mature.
I must admit, I hated this drama. It was a total failure and I will not see it ever again even f someone offered to pay me fr it. I don't even want to talk about this :/

Today is the Best Day (TV Ratings: 4.13%)

Network: NHK
Episodes: 10
Synopsis: Takao is a wedding planner who has to deal with five weddings at the same venue. One day, a threatening letter arrives demanding that all ceremonies be cancelled. she frantically tries to find the culprit wile working to keep the wedding schedule without delay. Meanwhile, the secrets that each of the couples have been hiding come to light one by one.
Seriously? Who the heck would come up with such an absurd idea? I definitely won't see this drama. I mean, a wedding planner who discovers secrets and plays some sort of detective? Please!

Tightrope Woman (TV Ratings: 5.2%)

Network: NHK
Episodes: 6
Synopsis: Yuri is from a rich family and she dreams of becoming a pianist. After her mother dies, her father remarries a woman, Kyoko, who used to work as a hostess. Yuri then leaves home and makes a living by playing the piano at a hotel. One day, Yuri hears that her father as died, and has left begind a wire factory in his debt. Yuri and her stepmother, who hated each other while Yuri's father was alive, attempt to restore the factory together.
By the plot, I don't think that this drama is something special and my opinion is very strict towards this one. I don't even have words to describe how I don't want to see a drama that relates problems of a rich family.

Omo ni Naitemasu (TV Ratings: 5.3%)

Network: Fuji TV
Episodes: 8
Synopsis: Izumi Konno is a beautiful young woman, but because of her unequaled beauty, (ironically) she is miserable. On a regular basis, just simply walking down the street, she turns heads of every man she passes, who ultimately are "struck by Cupid's arrow" and follow her around in hopes of being able to ask her out. Izumi just wants to meet someone that she can be with someone she loves and become unpopular.
Honestly, I liked this drama. I have seen it and my personal opinion is that this one could end up to be one of my favorites. It's sad and at the same time, cheerful. It was really beautiful.

Mousou Sousa~A Stylish Life of Associate Professor Koichi Kuwagatan (TV Ratings: 5.45%)

Network: TV Asahi
Episodes: 8
Synopsis: The title literally says it all. This is basically about a professor who trades up for a more 'stylish' way of living. This drama also follows how he solves problems on campus and so forth.
My opinion is a little...indeterminate, because I didn't see this drama yet and I can't give my opinion about it. I mean, both the title and the plot are LONG! Very long [See for yourself]. So, as my laziness speaks up, I won't say anything. My opinion is that the title and the synopsis and long..that's it :p

Once again, I remind you that if there are some disappointed people out there who are seeing some dramas that they really liked on this list, WE are in the same boat. Ironically, even though I made this list to warn people of some of the lowest rated Jdramas of 2012, I really like some of them myself. Even though I too am imfluenced to drop some of the drama I would like to see from my PTW list, I will tell you one thing:

Read this to satisfy your curiosity but don't let it influence what dramas you watch (like me ;p)

And if you feel like this list is the total opposite of your opinion, feel free to make your own list of disappointing Jdramas :D

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