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by Cheer on January 23, 2013
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After the big hit of the Korean Drama "You're Beautiful":

And the great Japanese remake "Ikemen Desu Ne":

Taiwan decided to take part in the international buzz by producing "Fabulous Boys":
Since Dramaland is already treating us so well in 2013, let's add another achievement: Taiwanese You're Beautiful is coming up this year!

After buying the rights of "You're Beautiful", F4's  Jerry Yan decided to start his producing career through this drama. It was rumored that he would take part in this drama's cast but he replied "I am too old for these roles, I will only produce it".

Jiro Wang is going to be the lead male of this upcoming remake which made many viewers and critics wonder about his ability of portraying an arrogant character but I am crossing fingers that he won't disappoint us and and perform his character flawlessly. Also, since Jang Geun Suk appeared as a guest role in the Japanese Ikemen Desu Ne, Park Shin Hye is going to make a cameo appearance in the first episode and she already stated in her personal Twitter "I am going to meet Go Mi Nam in Taiwan".

The remaining cast are:

A newbie Taiwanese actress, Suli Wen, as Go Mi Nam, a newbie Korean, Hwang In Deuk, as Kang Shin Hoo, and Taiwanese Idol star, Evan Yo, as Jeremy

The president:

Go Mi Nam's Manager:

Tae Kyun's mother:

The released preview:

After watching the preview, I noticed that everything was a "Déjà Vu", not because I already saw the two previous versions but because it looks like a scene to scene remake with a different cast which makes me wonder: is it a remake or a replicate? Seriously speaking, I felt the Japanese touch when I watched Ikemen Desu Ne that's why I am hoping to see Taiwan's touch on this. I don't want to see a production that's meant to attract audience; I know that thought is weird considering the fact that this is a shallow pop star-idol drama but what I've been meaning to say is: we all want to see a remake not a copy paste version, don't you agree?

That being said, the 13-episode drama is scheduled to air on Sundays this summer or maybe this February? I am not quite sure because there has been articles here and there without the official airing date Therefore, we need to be a little patient in order to find out the exact airing date. Hopefully, it won't be delayed to summer because that's a long way to go.

Are you excited about the Taiwanese version as I am?