by shaz22, July 17, 2013

A Day In the Life of a Dramacrazy

Subject: Writer herself (shaz22)
Place: Subject's household
Date: Any day of year 2013 (Just change the name of dramas accordingly)

From Subject's Mother's Point of View:

It’s 11:35 on the clock, I take a look over at the direction of my daughter’s room; there’s still no sign of life. So she was up the whole night again………… that gets me thinking:

It all started half a year ago. My good for nothing 3rd child was in the busiest streak of study. These phases come and go. In between my child spends time watching English movies and dramas and all other nonsense. But this seems to be getting hard on her; she’s hardly getting any sleep.
Then there comes a change in her. It was nothing at first, but she seems to be a little cheered up. Then the sounds coming from her room changed... and it all went downhill.

My daughter is unrecognizable now. No, if you look on the surface there’s no apparent change except her dark circles are now a lot more prominent, and she now-a-days likes to tie her hair in a top bun, which she never did before.

Subject: One might not have the perfect hair, but one should never lose heart! Yes, I am a better person now!
But as her mother I can tell, things are a lot worse than it seems. My child liked to spend her time in front of the screen before too, but now that’s the only thing she does. And all she watches is Chinese people squealing and shouting, though she protests that they are Koreans and Japanese and blah blah blah, Potaito-potahto!
        People around me                                      and Me                                              and Me again!

Some people around will forever remain ignorant. May the Lord bless them!

Then suddenly one day she’s all geared up with a notebook and series of pencils and pen to start learning Japanese. That lasted a week; she eventually gave up, mumbling something about ‘kanji’s hard’.

Then came that dreadful day when she came to me with an ‘all business’ face and asked me to visit her room for a while. An official invitation, it’s been a while. She showed a pic of a Chinese guy on the screen saying, ‘Mother, meet your son-in-law!’ When I said why marry this Chinese fella who looks like unfed for eternity and clearly lacks money even to get a proper hair cut, my daughter shouts in an unimaginable voice for her size,

Subject: Can’t even think of my omoni’s reaction if I showed her this as his son in law! For those who doesn’t know, it’s still Kim Jae Wook.
These days my daughter even curses and mumbles in Mandarin.
Subject: Oh I know, I’ve seen you people! Stop judging, You are no better!
'Hopeless moron!' I try to shake it out. It's time to wake her up.

“Oi princess, wake up now or never! WAKE UP!”, which I have to repeat numerous times.

Then at last faint mumbling comes from her room, ‘I am awake, just resting a while!'

‘Get out of bed or you or I’ll throw your laptop out!'

There’s a considerable response to this comment; my daughter finally made an appearance in the dining room. Though I see her every day, it’s still shocking to see how ghostly she looks when she wakes up! My daughter manages to get fresh somehow; it’s a rather sad sight. Without further talking, I told her to eat lunch early.

From here on, my daughter is going to remain fixated in front of her pc. She sighs again, deep sigh that is.

I decided to go to bed at early, so at 11 pm I went to my daughter’s room again. She’s in front of pc as alert as a jaguar on hunt. Sighing inwardly, I asked her to wash the dishes only to hear her regular reply,

"No, blah blah blah!"

Without caring what the rest of the sentence means, I told her to either wash or starve.

My sleep broke with a sudden noise. These days I can’t seem to have enough sleep. I take a peek at the window; it’s dawning already. Never mind sleeping, I get up to find the source of the noise.
Subject: Me dancing.......................such swag!
My daughter is washing dishes and singing ‘Blahblahblah blah, blahblahblah blah”. With that she’s also wiggling weirdly, a sight so sad that it makes me laugh and cry at the same time! She looked at me saying, “Blah blah, do you want tea? I can make you a cup then go to bed.” I nod wordlessly and start thinking about my child’s hopeless future.

From Subject's Point of View:

Utter peaceful dark silence!

Some noise trying to breach it. It shouldn’t bother me, go back to sleep in my mind. But the noise is getting louder, should I consider interpreting it?

"....wake up....never....."

Kemchana, sleep tight.

Darn, the noise is persistent! Without realizing I utter, 'I am awake, just resting a while!' Peace now.

'Blah blah blah blah THROW YOU LAPTOP OUT!'
Subject: 'Courage is a virtue to adopt with situation' life's lesson.
My eyes shot open widely. Wait, it was my mom calling…………..since when…………..Aigoo, I should just get up. Easier said, huh! Is this my head? Why on earth it’s so heavy?

The rest of the day is sort of meaningless till 6 pm. See, my mind can’t comprehend the fact that it’s awake unless it’s 6, gotcha?
Subject: Friggin story of my life
Ah! I feel better now! Marathoned 6 epis of ‘Gokusen’. Also it’s about time my MDL friends are up on the other part of the globe. Some are up and considerably sleepy like me……..kekeke, my tomodachi!

As I was spending an awesome night via MDL, Skype, DC, YT, FB, my mother decided to pay a visit. As usual! She asked me to wash the dishes. Not again.

'No, ande, Choilte ande'

She pays no attention to my tantrum and tells me to decide between food and washing dishes. Eeeeeeeeeeh, is that even fair…….can one eat dishes?!  Anyway, that can wait, my day just started.

Yosh! New epi of 'I Hear Your Voice' is subbed, ikzou!
Subject: Me when a new ep of drama is subbed!
After 5 epis of 3 different dramas, my neck sort of hurts. Hmm, what time is it? Clock states it’s 4:30 am…Jinjjaro? Should I just go to bed?

Oh no, the dishes!

Fire up girl, wash em…… Block B’s with you! At times when nothing can keep you up, one should just gorilla dance. Works like magic, I tell you. Here I go.
The mighty "Gorilla Dance"
..And ventilation "Guarrantid"!

‘Nanli nanli nanlina, nanli nail nanlina’ and clap and shake! ‘Nanli nanli nanlina, nanli nail nanlina’ and clap and shake!

Oh mommy, why you up so early? Apparently she’s been watching me for quite a while, poor thing!
Subject: Well a lot of people give me this look, not only my mom…………………… Do they all need a good cup of tea? *le me thinks*
‘Okasan, do you want tea? I can make you a cup, then go to bed.’ She nods in reply; she looks weird. Hmm, should I add ginger to the tea? Nani sore…………