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by twinklelie on October 5, 2013
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A Detective's Corp. Journal in Dramaland
Rose: Never let it be said that traveling the universe in a Blue Box isn’t tiring work.  Ask your friendly MDL detectives here. Soaring about, seeing the world(s) - everyone needs a break! That’s why we occasionally sit down watch dramas. Except that even then we don’t rest! What are all these places we keep finding? So many dramas, so many locations, so many… recurring venues? Looks like we’ll have to explore some more.
Twinkie: Recurring, indeed.
We’ve noticed this a while ago, but didn’t really care about it. Until… you know, when someday you ask yourself: “Are all the schools located in the same neighborhood or what?”
R: And why does the same rich person’s home feature in every drama?!?
T: Hey, maybe they suddenly went bankrupt haha or just sold their house?
R: Rich people got to make a living somehow, right? Why not donate to the  ‘pretty drama scenery’ fund?
I guess we should start exploring. Shall we stop by Japan first? Into the Tardis!

T: Geronimooooooooo!!!!
Akidabai Park

T: Aigoo, why do they always film in such big open places? -_-
Landed somewhere else, almost didn’t make it...
R: What are these ruins? Ancient Greece or Japan?
T: It’s supposed to be some modern thingy
R: “Modern” Of course...
*gasps* Did we make it on filming day? Are those famous people??
T: It’s Kame over there!! D:
R: No way!
T: You think I can ask for an autograph? hehe
R: Maybe if we’re inconspicuous enough? Quick- get out the hot pink scarves and let’s stalk!
T: Hehe I’m a pro at stalking Kame, mwahahaha. Maybe I shouldn’t mention that. People might be creeped out a little ^^"
R: I feel a time warp coming up - wait, same spot, new people? Another drama?
Eek!! this time it’s Tackey! :O
R: I’m having fangirl fits. Maybe we should beam out of here quick. Where’s next?

T: It’s a park again...

Fuchu no Mori no Koen

Sample pics from Gokusen (1,2,3 & Movie) and 1 Litre of Tears
R: Hmm, picturesque for sure.
Another popular filming spot, I’m guessing?
T: Yep, seen it in several school dramas
R: So, Japan has like two parks in the whole of the nation?
T: Or it’s just Tokyo that has only two parks?
R: Scheduling filming days must be hectic.
T: Probably…
When are we, anyways?
I’m seeing Nakama Yukie, they must be filming Gokusen, so 2002?
Oh! Momo!! err, I mean, MatsuJun
R: And yet, I have a sudden urge to cry? Have we made it to 2005 yet?
T: Ahh, maybe, seeing Sawajiri Erika
Let’s get out of here before we both start crying
R: I’ll need to rehydrate first. How about a big public spot now?
T: Okay, let’s go!

Tokyo National Museum

R: A museum? What’s the production cost for this place, I wonder?
T: At least, it looks pretty inside. Should remember to visit the place when no one’s filming inside.
R: Maybe they just take lots of pretty pics from the outside, and then film the inside ‘somewhere else’ ? Make every Dramaland institution look official and important.
T: Maybe, though from what I know, one of the part of the museum was used as the kitchen entrance to Domiyoji’s house in Hanadan lol
R: ^_^ Would that every kitchen entry was so.. elegant.

Now what’s this next place? Looks straight out of a fantasy!

Lockheart Castle

T: Oooh what a pretty castle *-*
Must cost a lot of money to maintain it. No wonder lots of dramas were filmed there...
R: Oooh but wait wait… do we really want to go exploring through this? Last time I stopped by I saw lots of people getting tricked and locked in strange and scary rooms!
T: I don’t really want to. Thinking about how it was for Maki at first…

R: Yes! Poor Maki! Should we make a pit stop in 2009 and rescue her first?
T: But let’s have a peek at the some of the boys in the sauna first kekeke
R: Only the overage ones, please!
T: I ain’t a pedonoona >.>
R: Maybe we should get just a move on here… >.>
T: Agreed

Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (Etchujima Campus)

Sample pics from Nobuta wo Produce, 1 Litre of Tears,My Boss My Hero & Maou
R: A college campus, huh? Any hunky boys here?
T: Not seeing one at the moment. Maybe we got the wrong year or spot to be?
R: Shame! Well what on earth happened here that it pulled us out of orbit (if it’s not hot boys)?
T: What year are we? Let’s see… 2005
There should be something…
Let’s have a look around
R: Is that a willow tree?
T: Maybe, but with all those people, I can’t really see what’s going on.
Wait a minute... who’s that skinny boy over there?
R: *puts on binoculars* Grab the camera! Is it someone famous?
T: Omo!! Kame again! :O Aren’t we lucky? T-T We got to see Kame twice today

R: Such fortunate investigators, we are. Shall we pop over to Korea now before our luck runs dry?
T: Yes,let’s!

Jade Garden

Also seen in Love Rain
R: Well this place looks awfully familiar!
T: It does, indeed.
It’s huuge in here :|
R: And dripping in tragic angst.
Wait - is that Kim Bum??!?
T: Yes, it’s him! Such a pretty boy :3
R: Quick, pretend to be blind and maybe he’ll take pity and… lead us somewhere cozy.
Like the green house. :)
*Kim Bum: Need help, ladies?*
R: Of course, we’ll probably just get lost in the garden with Jang Geun Suk
T: Meh…
Let’s get out of here before we see him >.>
R: Geronimo!

4 Season House

Sample pics from Love Rain,Summer Scent & Spring Waltz
R: Ahhh what? How are we in the same drama still??? What sorcery is this?
T: Nooo, not Love Rain again T^T
R: Hold up! Is that Seo In Guk though? I could pause here for bit…
T: Ooh yess hehe. Thinking about Hoya for some reason oO
R: Wrong drama… Only now I think we got pushed back to 2006. That is so Daniel Henney standing there all dreamy-like.
T: Ahh, suddenly sounding better than JGS, though I really didn’t mind Seo In Guk hehe
R: What I don’t mind is this house itself. Looks like the Endless Love producer guy owns it and recycles it for every one of his dramas.
T: It’s true that house’s really pretty. Wouldn’t mind living there at all.
R: Wouldn’t mind having my hair tired back by Song Seung Hun either… underneath a ceiling of flowers… Oh quick, before I faint!

BCJ Garden

Sample pics from 49 Days & You're Beautiful
R: *Doh* It’s the Scheduler!
T: What?! Skye’s there? oO
*MDL Exclusive Shot*
R: Told you we were expert investigators. But who’s that girl?? Is he cheating on us??
T: Tsk Tsk, what is he doing?
R: Breaking hearts like usual… Living in that fairy land, look he’s even got Park Shin Hye flying down like an angel. This must be his primary home.
T: :’(
Wae? Wae? Wae?
R: I can’t take the heartbreak any longer. Let’s pick one more place to explore and call it a day!
T: Good idea...

Ma Im Vision Village

Sample pics from Secret Garden & Winter Sonata
R: Jackpot! It’s Hyun Bin!
T: YES!!
Now, where’s Yoon Sang Hyun aka Oska? *looks around*
R: Not seeing the boy - but I think I spot another tragic scene from all the way back in 2002. Something about that tree and park bench that just inspires romance… *siigh*
These grounds are so gorgeous! So many acres, and so many beautiful homes and villas.
T: Let’s stick around a bit more, shall we?
R: Yes.. let’s get back to 2011 I heard Oska may return… Oh wait, omg it’s TOP and Seungri!
T: Whaaattt?!?!??!!! :O

Surprise meeting with BIGBANG
R: And is that G-Raim?

*V.I.P mode: on* Oppaaa!!!
*V.I.P. mode: on*

MDL exclusive investigators have fangirled and died. If you happen to visit the Ma Im Vision Village, please locate our bodies and have them delivered home. Our mothers would you thank you kindly.

R: Never fear - In a parallel dramaland universe, the investigation continues. Join Rose and Twinkie next time… Perhaps we’ll even make a visit to Taiwan next trip. ^_^