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by atslipinbag on November 8, 2013
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Atslipinbag's Weekend Movie Picks
Cute Family Movies 

Out of all  genres of movies, family based ones are probably the best type to enjoy with your family members (that wasn't too obvious was it?) Today I bring some of my movie picks appropriate for any age group and will make you feel happy after watching them. They might be fairy tales like that of Disney or fast-paced and action-packed superhero movies but they are still wonderful pieces of work. Needless to say they are utterly cute to watch ^^. So without anymore delay, let me introduce to you such family movies.

          Country: Taiwan                             Genre: Romance, Drama                            Year: 2009

Synopsis: While helping his parents deliver lunch boxes to an hearing impaired swimming team, Tian Kuo sees Yang Yang who is there to support her sister, Lin Xiao Peng - a talented swimmer training to qualify for an upcoming Deaflympics. And he has immediate interest in her. He shows immediate interest in her, and his days are changed from idly helping his parents food business to trying out different methods to know more about Yang Yang. Will Tian Kuo succeed? And will Lin Xiao Peng get chosen for the Deaflympics?

Hear Me is my personal favorite amongst the movies that I've watched from Taiwan. This is the only love story on this list and a very cute and sweet one. You can enjoy as well as relate to real life people. It also expresses sentiments of hearing impaired and their family. Most of the time there is only sign language communication but this is not a silent movie. It is a beautiful, heartwarming , and very lively movie. The main male character Tian Kuo is very funny (and his parents too). You can't help but love this character. And this movie has no villain, evil character. Plus Music is great too!!

                          Country: South Korea                Genre: Drama                    Year: 2005

Synopsis: Jang Han Yi is witty and one hell of a troublemaker. Han Byeol, his elder brother, who always helps him out of his troubles, is treated like his slave by him. Han Yi is an attention seeker and what he says is always right. But suddenly everybody say Han Byeol is very sick . Both Ma and Pa give more attention to him. Han Byeol who was always his side-ling now has a new friend in the  hospital. Han Yi starts to feel jealous and lonely. He wants more of his parents and his brother. Will Han Yi keep giving trouble? Will he be able to understand his brother's condition fully? What will happen to this family?

This is the movie that got Park Ji Bin (Incarnation Of Money child actor) an international film award and he was only 9-10 years old when he did this movie !! Isn't that freaking awesome !!! On top of that, this is based on a real story of two siblings. Park Ji Bin plays younger brother 'Hani' who is a total troublemaker who gets jealous easily. One must see is his KPoP dance ! Superb !!!!! 

I should warn you -this one is a tear-jerk-er.

           Country: South Korea                        Genre: Animals, Drama, Family                Year: 2006

Synopsis: Chan Yi and So Yi are two siblings left on their own. Their poor and lonesome life is filled with happiness when Chan Yi steals a puppy and brings it to So Yi as her birthday gift. So Yi names the pup 'Maeum' meaning heart. This is the story of how Maeum gives them happiness and helps them through their bad times.

I like to think this one is the cutest of all three (although all three are incomparably cute of their own kind) Maybe it's because we have uri Yoo Seung Ho (Missing You) in here. I was constantly saying 'neomu neomu kiwoyo!!! chyo kawaiiiii!!!' while watching this movie. It is also a tear jerky movie, but more than that this is a fun, happy and too too too cute movie.

Guess what ???  Hearty Paws has a sequel, and Song Joong Ki oppa is in it!!

Hearty Paws 2: Although the star cast and the story are completely different, it is still very cute. This one is really fast paced and adventurous. I sometimes feel like I am watching a Dog version of Baby's Day Out. But believe me these two are completely different movies.

How did you like my weekend pickups ? Have You watched them ? 

I wanted to include a movie from Japan (their movies are great too) but from what I have finished watching, I couldn't find one that perfectly fits into this category. So Japanese movie fans, will you care to recommend me such movies?? I 'd very much appreciate it.

Have a great weekend !!!