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by Aya97 on March 25, 2014
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Japan's Stars

Heii, so here I am again. Maybe some of you read my articles, more exactly one article in particular: "Neverending Stories". If you did, well this will look like that one. I wanted to make an article where I pointed out some of the most loved actors in Asia. At first this was meant to be one entire article Japan + South Korea + Taiwan... But it was too long, so I did it in 3 parts. Doing it only based on my opinion would be too subjective, so my 300 friends helped me with it. I made a survey where they told me their favorite actor and actress under 30 and above 30 years old. I'm aware that maybe if more people participated in this the results might be different, but I think that the opinion of 300 people is not something to close your eyes on. Hope you'll like it!

Older than 30

"I will never be an old man. To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am." - Francis Bacon

1. Oguri Shun - 31 years

So who is this guy... I guess you know, right? Honestly, I was kind of expecting to see him here. He is only 31 but has so many works under his name.
So the question is: Why do people love him?
I received many reasons, but the ones that popped the most are: versatile actor, handsome (no kidding), sexy eyebrows (if you say so) and last but not least he was able to come out of his idol image.
Well, you may or may not agree with these so let's analyze them a little. Starting with the obvious... Is he handsome... Well YESS! Be it blonde, shaved or black he is damn good looking. Going on... Versatile actor. Yes, he is.I saw him first in Gokusen, where I saw many others btw, and I thought he was cute. From then on he took many different roles from "prince charming" to "stoic policeman" and "stuck up rich man".
I hope I'll see more from him in the future... Did I mention the beauties that acted with him.. A-class actresses.
Known for: Hana Yori DangoHana Kimi, Crows Zero, Tokyo DOGSRich Man, Poor Woman

2. Kimura Takuya - 41 years

OMG, this man! I was surprised that he didn't get 1st place. The majority of the ones that chose him described him as the legend among ikemen. Well, he is from Johnny and this is his specialty. But really now... This man is more than a pretty face. He is a talented actor with a pretty face :)).
I think that he is the one that does long hair the best in the industry... I could even see him in braids... ok, maybe not. This actor really deserves to be in the TOP 3. He played so many different roles, always putting his own color in them. You saw him in a suit, in holed pants and in many different looks. He always appears in the first places in surveys and his talent is recognized by many. From 1990 he made his name known and now he is an actor that many juniors and seniors look up to.
Known for: Long VacationPrideEngine, MR. BRAINPriceless

3. Mukai Osamu - 32 years

Last, but not least we have the sweet Mukai-kun. Yes people he is 32 not 28 :))
At first I was really surprised when people put him in the >30 section "What the heck... Poor guy they don't know how old he is...if he's over 30 then I passed the driving exam in one try!" Well I didn't but he is over 30. You just can't dislike this guy... Look at that face. He was 1st place is polls like "Men to spend Valentine with", "Most Handsome Actor" and many more. Now forget about those eyes and kissable lips and focus on acting skills. Well have them... Maybe they aren't as polished as the other two, but the guy is improving with every role he gets. Anyway, the fact is that the public loves him!!
Known for: Honey and CloverAtashinchi no DanshiBeckParadise Kiss

Personal choice: Eita - 31 years

Being my article I couldn't stop myself from mentioning my favorite one. I LOVE Eita so much. Apart from being handsome I really appreciate his acting skills and the way he portrays his characters... Not to mention how they are always different. For me he is kind of a genius. Maybe some of you know that I'm obsessed with Johnny Depp.... Well, he is the Depp of Japan for me:))
Known for: Orange Days, Nodame CantabileLast Friends, Soredemo, Ikite Yuku, Lucky Seven

1. Nakama Yukie - 34 years

Well, I think that this one was obvious. In my opinion, she is the standard of Japanese beauty: long black hair, pale skin and mature looks. She was voted the most loved actress among women and the "one that men want to marry". Her acting skills are no joke. Many of her roles are considered examples for others and they remain in people's hearts. Do you happen to know Yankumi, Naoko and Fuyumi? These 3 are some of her roles that people treasure and remember with love. She worked with big names, both with directors and co-stars. Also, she is my favorite actress. Nobody does inspiring teacher better than her btw :D
Known for: Trick series, Gokusen series, UntouchableShima no SenseiShinobi: Heart Under Blade

2. Shinohara Ryoko - 40 years

First things first: I don't think there is an actress out there who could play ugly better than her!! And I really wonder how she does it because she is drop dead gorgeous!!
In my eyes, she is this strong woman that wants to stand up for her rights in front of men. I have to admit that I haven't seen many of her dramas/movies, but for what I've seen I love her acting. It's natural (sometimes a little exaggerated) and something that makes her different are the small gestures that she uses in her roles: like hand movements, chewing gum or washing her face. Truth is, she can hold her own with both older and younger guys!
Known for: UnfairAnegoOgon no ButaLast Cinderella

3. Takeuchi Yuko - 33 years

One of the most popular actresses nowadays. She can do anything, from police dramas to romantic ones. One of the best payed out there, she is worthy of being in the TOP 3. I love her versatility, how she can do both stoic characters and joyful ones. It is said that an actor is good when no role is the same... Well, in my eyes, she is that good. Not to mention the amount of commercials she starred in.
Known for: Flowers, Style!Pride, Bara no nai HanayaStrawberry Night

Younger than 30 or 30

"Youth has no age." - Picasso

1. Miura Haruma - 23 years

This guy is 23... And I think that his popularity is huge. I mean I can't remember when he made it to the top... Where is Ikuta Toma, Matsuda Shota and the others that only yesterday were the most loved ones?
The fact is that people love freshness and the new in production. Right now Miura made it to the top. He is now the one that high school girls want as their boyfriend and women as their lover. Well, he is HANDSOME and ready to try new things. Now to the important stuff ("What do you mean?! His entire being is IMPORTANT"). Actually, he is a really great actor! I mean he surely progressed since Gokusen aka "The show where you want to make your debut if you're young, male and good looking". Nowadays, he is the cherry on top with many roles under his belt.
Known for: Koizora: The MovieKimi ni Todoke, Gokusen 3Bloody MondayLast Cinderella

2. Matsumoto Jun - 30 years

Of course the prince of Japan is here guys, what do you take me for?! I guess nobody questions his place here right? You can't watch Japanese dramas and not know this guy. He played in some of the most popular dramas Japan has. I love MatsuJun... He has this boyish look that doesn't fade with time. The fact that he broke tons of hearts is a given... The downside of being good looking, it happens all the time. From high school love stories to age-gap relationships this guy done it all. You just can't not love him.
Known for: GokusenKimi wa PettoHana Yori Dango series, Bambino!Lucky SevenShitsuren Chocolatier 

3. Matsuda Shota - 28 years

I adore this man! I think that the best way to describe him is manly... And maybe a little slimy :))
In my opinion, he is a genius... And those eyebrows!!! Everyone knows Matsuda Shota as a chameleon-like actor. He plays many different roles that appeal to both men and women. Many of his characters remained in the hearts of viewers. He is usually in the top 10 in any poll being it: acting, talent or "Guy you want to have on a deserted island". Anyway, I'm sure you love at least one of his works :D
Known for: Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit, Hard RomantickerAfro TanakaHana Yori DangoLIAR GAME, Love Shuffle

Personal choice: Kamenashi Kazuya - 28 years

Ok, ok, I am biased!! Kill me for that. Trust me, I tried falling for somebody else but I just couldn't! Maybe because he was my first Asian crush, but... Even now, after almost 4 years, he is still number 1. Also, I like to call him "perfect eyebrows". I mean, look at them... They are so perfectly made:)) a little too much for me, but I still love him<3. Not to mention his acting... I love when he yells... It really seems real:)). Oh well, let's stop here with my fangirling.
Known for: Ore, OreGokusen 2Nobuta Wo ProduceYuuki, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi HengeYokai Ningen Bem

1. Horikita Maki - 25 years

Truth to be told... She is a beauty. Also too talented for her age. I really can't imagine what this girl will be when she hits 40. I meant she had already done so many roles and is considered one of the most professional actresses in the industry. Nobody succeeded in taking her "crown", even with all the new faces that appeared these days... Heck, she can pull a short hair better than some boys. That doesn't mean she isn't feminine though. That reminds me what I love about her. She always has that delicate image whatever she is playing... I think that is her own color. Not to mention that all the guys in my list voted for her:))
Known for: Tokyo Boy, Into the White NightNobuta Wo ProduceKurosagiHana KimiUmechan Sensei

2. Kitagawa Keiko - 27 years

If Horikita Maki is Japan's princess than I guess we could call Keiko-chan Japan's Barbie :)) The long hair with the beautiful face and tall body... What more could you wish for? She is always at the top of the polls "The most desired girlfriend", "The girl you want to introduce to your mother" etc...
Truth is she is beautiful... And that perfect hair annoys me to no end!!! (Jealousy here)
Apart from that she can act as well... And I ask you... Is God fair?!
Going on, I really like her. I mean I've been a fan since 1 year ago and I have to admit that this girl knows what she does!
Known for: Dear FriendsMatatakiParadise KissBuzzer Beat, Akumu Chan

3. Toda Erika - 25 years

Well, I guess that she is the cute one among them. No really now, those three had "fought" for 1st place since their debut. Each one of them had a different concept.. From delicate to sexy and finally cute... I guess there will never be a winner because everyone has her/his one type. As for her acting skill, well, let's say that she isn't the best actress out there in my opinion. That doesn't mean that she is bad at it...I mean she surely has her own number of known characters, don't get me wrong. Anyway, she was one of my first Asian actresses so she has a special part in my heart.
Known for: SPECDeath Note movies, LIAR GAME series, Code Blue series, BOSSSummer Nude

Personal Choice: Karina - 30 years

I  have a soft spot for boyish women and she fits perfectly in that category. I love Karina so much... She has a really natural look and you can't call her breathtaking, more like sharp features. Anyway, I watched many of her works and I can declare myself a fan... No one compares to her in my eyes :D Hope I'll be able to see more of her in the future!
Known for: Summer NudeAshita No Joe, Bambino!Love Shuffle, Real ClothesMisaki Number One!!Priceless

So this is the end of the first part. For those that participated in my survey, don't worry, the Korean and Taiwanese parts will come as well.

Also, I want to thank everyone who took time to answer, you were of BIG help. Please help me in the future again if I'm in need of opinions^^

PS: I hope you'll enjoy my article!