by Aya97, November 11, 2014

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What Happens to My Family?


NOTICE: When this article was written there were 24 episodes aired, so you might come across some spoilers!

Now that this has been covered, I would like to tell you what you should expect from this drama up until this point. First of all, I stumbled upon it by simple curiosity. I'm a big fan of family dramas so I thought "Why not?!".

Like most family dramas, you will see multiple romantic relationships, comedic and dramatic events, and last but not least a bunch of different characters that go "head to head" most of the time. Now let's get deeper into it, shall we?

Plot & Characters


From the big picture, this seems like a typical middle-class family. You have a father that had to raise his 3 children alone because of his wife death, hoping that they will turn up to be responsible adults in the community...not so much. All of his kids do not rise to their father's expectations, not even close. The human greed comes to light, more to some than others, and you have a clash of personalities and wants. Everyone desires dad's inheritance money for different reasons, so he finds himself suing his own beloved children. Here is when the drama really begins.

Cha Bong Sun (Yoo Dong Geun)


The father of the 3 spoiled children is 63 years old and has worked all his life for his children. He has owned a tofu shop for 30 years, and he is a loved man in his neighborhood. Everything he does is for his kids and he is one of the selfless characters I've come across. He thinks his kids are always right and would do anything for them, even if they disrespect him from time to time. When they come to him, asking to sell the tofu shop, he realizes that the way he brought them up was wrong and tries to mend things. He decides to sue them, not giving away the inheritance. 

Cha Gang Shim (Kim Hyun Joo)


The eldest child, the noona of the trio, is 37 years old. She works as a secretary for Dae Oh Group and is considered the best at what she does. In her work life she is logical, punctual and always "looking her best" without a strand of hair out of place. She is admired by the other workers and her boss loves her. In reality though, she has a sharp tongue, is blunt and ignorant to other's feelings. She doesn't care for her image in her free time, looking like a completely different person. At her workplace she gets in a conflict with the chairman's son, Moon Tae Joo, and ends up being his own personal secretary. At first, they hate each other, but something starts to change in Gang Shim's heart...


Moon Tae Joo (Kim Sang Kyung)


From an outside look he is considered a perfect man. He has the looks and the status, at only 37, and is the chairman's son. At first he seems calm and collected, but in reality he is hot-tempered, impertinent and childish. He is one of the company's directors, being good at what he does, but putting work above family and friends. His mother died when he was young and he blames his father for the lack of attention he gave him. When he first meets Gang Shim he despises her and tries to get her fired, thinking she is having an affair with his father. Later on, he discovers the truth and makes her his secretary, being impressed with her work ethic. From that point on his life changes...


Cha Gang Jae (Yoon Park)


At 33 years old, Gang Jae is considered the achievement in the family. He is a well-respected doctor that, at first glance, seems the perfect gentleman. Yeah, not quite, if you were to ask me. He believes that he got to where he is on his own, without any help, and is angry that he wasn't born in a family with a higher status. He thinks the family wants to live off his back, and he wants to become independent. He is handsome, but also cold and without feelings, at least on the outside. He doesn't want to marry and is quite a player, that will easily break up with a girl when he feels she wants something more. Despite this, when the hospital's chairman admits on wanting him as his son-in-law, he accepts, seeing it as a chance at achieving his dream. Can his wife change him for the better?

Kwon Hyo Jin (Son Dam Bi)


The hospital's director daughter, who marries Gang Jae, is 29 years old. She is elegant and graceful, being raised in a well-off family. Despite what people think, that she leads the perfect life, it isn't quite like that. All day she does nothing but stays in the house, and goes out with her mother. She is quite naive and innocent, sometimes saying blunt and mean things, without meaning them. After meeting Gang Jae, she falls in love with him, finding in his family what lacks in hers: warmth.


Cha Dal Bong (Park Hyung Sik)


Of all the siblings, he is the one that is most attentive towards his dad. He always has good initiative, but rarely completes "the plan". In his 26 years of life, he has never received a stable job. He is hot-headed and always up for a fight that brings him to the police station on more than one occasion. Despite all this, he is a warm and lovable person that is sincere and charming. When he was 12, he met a girl who he fell in love with. Because of a misunderstanding the girl believes he is the person that promised to marry her. One day, Seo Wool appears on the doorstep of the Cha Family, and their lives will never be the same.

Kang Seo Wool (Nam Ji Hyun)


Seo Wool is a charming and innocent 24 year old countryside girl. When she saved a boy from drowning, he promised to marry her, so she comes to her "ring". Because her parents died when she was young, Seo Wool has lived with her grandparent until moving to Seoul. Despite her maturity, she is quite childish, believing in a promise made 12 years ago. Thinking that Dal Bong is the boy she saved, she asks him to marry her, but he refuses. After some events she starts living in his house and finds herself falling for him. Will she continue the search of "Prince Charming" or follow her heart?


Yoon Eun Ho (Seo Kang Joon)


A rich boy whose desire is to never be bored. He is the son of Seol Hee, a popular actress, and at 26 he is quite accomplished. A former idol, he now owns a successful restaurant and dates celebrities. Former best friend of Dal Bong, he is now in love with Seo Wool. At first he acts like a gentleman, but later his lonely side comes out. A man that parties only for the days to pass, he has no close friends or dreams. With the help of Seo Wool and later Dal Bong, he learns to enjoy life again.

P.S: Yes this will be a love triangle...and a sweet one too!

So that is it. I hope maybe now you will consider giving this drama a go and see for yourself. Here is  a trailer that might help with you decision.