by dramafreak007, January 12, 2015


The following is an Everything Honest Review of the Doctor X Series (ALL SEASONS). This review combines the notorious nitpicking of Everything Wrong With from Cinema Sins and the sarcasm from Honest Trailer. I do not ask of you to agree with my opinion, but do not be an a** about your disagreement. I warn you in advance this review may contain spoilers so if you do not wish for the series to be spoiled DO NOT read this. Enjoy.


From TV Asahi - which has some average Japanese dramas - comes their savior, Doctor X. Meet Daimon Michiko also known as "Doctor X". She is a lone wolf doctor that does not flock with the crowd. She’s a feminist icon’s dream who allows her agent Kanbara to control her assets, allows her coworkers to physical escort her out of conferences, and allows her male co-workers to take credit for the surgeries she performed. Told you there will be nitpicking. 


Be prepared for medical mumbo jumbo as Daimon takes on surgeries that are deemed inoperable even though they were accomplished in real life. Yes, I looked some of the surgeries up. The feats she accomplishes throughout the seasons get better as the talent of the rest of the staff wanes to the point where you will wonder, “How did these guys become doctors in the first place?” 

A medical show made in the 2000’s with 90’s one liners like “I never fail,” and “No way.” You will smile every time Daimon says a line and cringe when others try to mimic. Technology grows in each season, but Daimon’s surgery skills are more sought after, enforcing the message the calculator is as smart as the person using it. 

This show will try its best to get more women into the surgeon medical field by showing: Daimon’s poor lifestyle, the complicated political battles within the medical field, a medical staff with Daimon as the only female surgeon, Daimon's low ranking despite her amazing feats, and male surgeons who do not listen to Daimon despite her constantly showing them her skills. 

Marvel at the genius of the first season with the ending of Daimon earning the respect of all her peers. The second season - no one’s favorite. And the epic concluding third season - unless they make another season. 


If they make another season will Daimon have a pixie cut? Or am I the only one to notice her hair getting shorter every season.

Drama Cliches:

  1. 1. Medical drama with cool person as the main character 
  2. 2. Medical drama with doctors' dramatic entrances 
  3. 3. Medical drama with dramatic walks through the hallway 
  4. 4. Medical drama with political drama 
  5. 5. Mentee saving mentor 
  6. 6. Doctor's ordinary behavior outside of their job 
  7. 7. Medical drama wide eyes for performing surgeries 
  8. 8. Old guy as the bad guy 
  9. 9. Unrealistic surgery performances