by ParkChohwa, March 13, 2015

Girl Scout

Country: South Korea     Year: 2008     Genre: Comedy, Crime, Friendship

If your last hope to start a new life is taken away, what would you do?

Five friends are living a miserable life. Cho Mi Kyung (Kim Sun Ah) is a divorcee who’s trying to win the custody of her daughter. Lee Lee Man (Na Moon Hee) works in a local store and gets yelled at by her son. Oh Bong Sun (Lee Kyung Shil) has two children and one of them needs an operation. And Kang Eun Ji (Go Joon Hee) is repaying an enormous debt. These friends invest their savings in a project of Sung Hye Ran (Im Ji Eun), who runs away with the money. Desperate and berserk; the five women plan an operation to get their money back.

The film presents women struggles of different ages. It also shows the fickleness of the human nature and the power of money. It’s light and cute. Nothing stands out but the beautiful acting. It’s short and interesting.

Lovely Rivals

Country: South Korea     Year: 2004     Genre: Comedy, School

Not all teachers are mature, responsible, and hold principles, and not all elementary students are passive, immature, and intimated. When a teacher is too puerile but at the same time in control of everyone surrounding her, she needs a precocious, fearless and bold child to wake her up. When the two clash; balance may occur.

Yeo Mi Ok (Yum Jung Ah) is a single, childish and immature teacher. She believes in the old-fashioned ways of discipline and is inconsiderate of her students; therefore her students fear but dislike her. Ki Mi Nam (Lee Se Young) is a precocious fifth grader who seeks the attention her mother can’t give her. She tries to approach her homeroom teacher; Mi Ok but fails because Mi Ok only cares about herself and the new handsome art teacher who arrives; Kwon Sang Chun (Lee Ji Hoon). To gain her teacher’s attention, Mi Nam approaches Teacher Kwon acting like a young woman. Mi Ok, seeing Mi Nam doing what she can’t, gets jealous. A fierce war launches between the teacher and the student.

I am a teacher so I can relate to everything portrayed in the movie. I’m against school violence, but I understand why the teachers might resort to it. I’m against students talking back to their teachers, but I understand where they come from. The pressure from the higher authorities, the culture, the life difficulties and lack of motivation are all tackled here. I can tolerate everything but irresponsibility. Thankfully our heroine pulls herself together at the end.

The film is a realistic and funny depiction of one school episode. It’s interesting and touching. Worth your time.

Oh! Happy Day

Country: South Korea     Year: 2003     Genre: Comedy

An MDL friend asked me once if I had a film that is more fun than Running Man. I cannot claim that this film is funnier, but I can guarantee that it is at least as fun as RM.

No matter what the work is, Jang Na Ra never fails to shine. As a voice actress, Kong Hye Ji aspires to be a famous actress. She’s hot-tempered and forward. If annoyed, she lets the other person have it. She cares nothing about manners and fights till she gets what she wants. She, at the same time, is caring and humane. When she meets Kim Hyun Jun (Park Jung Chul) she falls in love at first sight and plans to win over his heart no matter what. What crazy stuff would she do to reach her goal?

The film is insanely hilarious. Music is everywhere, and it’s so good and fun. Both leads are great singers, and they actively show that in the film.

If you live with your family, do not watch this while they’re asleep. You won’t only wake them up with your laughter, but the whole neighbourhood.

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