by nicarashi, July 24, 2015

Here are some Thai movies for your weekend that will make you want to fall in love and laugh out loud at the same time.

Bangkok Traffic Love Story (2009)


Country: Thailand     Year: 2009     Genre: Comedy, Romance

Li (Horwang Cris) is a single thirty-year-old office woman who becomes desperate to find a boyfriend after the marriage of her best friend. After getting drunk and sleeping in the hotel room where the newly weds are supposed to have their honeymoon, Li goes home but gets into a car accident and is helped by Lung (Wonpuapan Theeradeth), an engineer working the night shift for the BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System). Li easily falls in love with Lung and decides to pursue him but having caused a series of misfortunes for him during their meetings, will Lung also develop feelings for her? Or will he make the same decisions that hurt him and his loved one before?

Horwang Cris played her role perfectly and it’s funny to see her character so awkward and at times childish despite her age. A lot of women will surely be able to relate to Li in her (mis)adventures in her career and love life. What is also very likable in this rom-com is how it captures the lives of the modern working young adults, especially those in their late twenties and early thirties whose monotonous lives are just revolving around their careers. Then suddenly they realize that they might be running out of time for other things like love. Wonpuapan Theeradeth’s Lung is every woman’s ideal man and the way his character is developed is just as heart fluttering for Li as it will be for the viewers. The setting also helps reflect the theme of the movie and makes the characters' experiences more familiar to the viewers.

ATM: Er Rak Error (2012)


Country: Thailand     Year: 2012     Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Detective, Investigation, Life, Romance

This movie revolves around Jib (Pongthananikorn Preechaya) and Sua (Dhanasevi Chantavit) who are a couple working for the same bank and are dating despite their company’s rule that employees shouldn't be in a romantic relationship with each other. When two of their co-workers are caught for going against the rule, they are alarmed and Sua decides to propose to Jib hoping that she will resign (though she has a higher position in the bank) so they can reveal their relationship. Jib does not agree and they decide to have a competition whose loser will be the one to resign. An ATM of the bank’s branch malfunctions and dispenses money in amounts greater than what is withdrawn by some of the townspeople. Jib and Sua decide to look for it and the first one to bring back the bank’s lost money will be declared the winner and will be staying in the bank. What follows is a hilarious race between the two lovers that reveals their competitiveness and hidden sides. In the end, who will be the winner in love and career? 

I really like the two main characters and how their personalities are so similarly competitive. The way they try to outsmart each other is so funny but at the same time they also have those sweet moments together. Like BTS, this is about young working adults who are trying to maintain a balance between love and career but it reveals the truth that sometimes it can't be helped, you have to choose between the two. It's fun seeing the methods that they use just to win and how they learn more about each other's personalities because of their race. The supporting cast is also adorable, especially Gob and Peud - typical teenagers who sometimes turn silly because of love. That it is one of the highest grossing Thai films is just proof enough of how good this film is and it has also been turned into a drama series.

Seasons Change (2006)


Country: Thailand     Year: 2006    Genre: Comedy, Romance

The story follows Pom (Witawat Singlampong) who entered the College of Music in Mahidol University because of his long time crush Dao (Yuwanat Arayanimisakul) who is a violinist. Pom used his talent in playing drums to enter the university and eventually befriended perfect pitched Aom (Chutima Teepanat). However, he told his parents that he’s studying medicine instead of music and so he had to try his best not to be discovered. He also joined the school orchestra with Aom and Dao and also formed a band with his friends. Later on, as he realized his genuine love and talent for playing drums, he had to make decisions, such as saying the truth to his parents, choosing between the band and the orchestra, and also choosing between Dao and Aom.

Unlike the first two movies, this is more on the youthful side of love and friendship. The movie, as well as its characters, is refreshing and funny. It not only focuses on love but also in reaching someone’s dreams. This movie might also interest those who like music. The plot might sound like the typical youth movies/dramas but nonetheless the acting, character development, and youthful innocence the movie gives make Seasons Change a perfect feel-good movie for the weekend.

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