by Wiam Najjar, August 12, 2015

In addition to the segments in the previous articles, I will add a new one here: Honorary Mentions. It will cover some actresses we see so often I cannot simply ignore them. Let's go.

 Kim Ja Ok

This veteran actress left us last year with a huge heritage of her dramas. It was a great loss.

Kim Ja Ok usually played similar roles; bossy and spoilt lady. But, the fact that she fit those roles perfectly was the funniest part.

I watched her in The World That They Live In, Coffee PrinceMy Name is Kim Sam Soon and Bad Housewife but, the most unforgettable role was in High Kick Through the Roof! She had the talent of getting under people’s skin, be it the characters, or the audience. There were many moments where I split my sides because of her, and many where I got goose bumps and wanted to hit her across the face.

She surely played in so many dramas which would make her memory last for a long time. R.I.P

Kim Soo Mi


Kim Soo Mi is one senior actress I should and I would stalk one day; if only for herLegendary Witch performance.

Holy god, how good she was there. She was helplessly funny. She was a manifestation of all a human can be, in a really hilarious way. And ended up being my favourite character.

If you like her, you should definitely watch her in Vampire Idol. I know the sitcom is not everyone’s cup of tea, and it is silly; so silly, but it is a lot of fun as well. Kim Soo Mi especially gives a cackling performance. I’m laughing suddenly.

I know I haven’t watched her most popular performances yet, but I know I will. 그럼 됐어!!

Kim Yeo Jin


Are you watching Hwajeong? Do you hate Gae Shil so much you’d like to drown her slowly and suffocate her life away?? I am! Isn’t she just amazing?!

I loved Kim Yeo Jin in the started-well-but-failed-miserably Trot Lovers. She was so cute, and loving there. So I was glad when I saw her in Hwajeong’s cast. And dammit, she proved a real battleaxe. Can't wait to see what more evil she'll do in her other roles.

Kim Jung Nan


Those, who haven’t watched A Gentleman’s Dignity, What Happens to My Family? or President, but watched or currently are watching Who Are You: School 2015, don't judge Kim Jung Nan. Don’t even notice her. Erase her from the archive of your drama memory, because it is blasphemous to judge this awesome actress by that measly character. 

Though I watched her in Baby & I and Daddy Long Legs and liked her there, I needed more to make me fall for her. That fall came in the brilliant work: President. She played a righteous and outright politician who believed that politics could actually be clean and help people. She had a hot temper, and she was tough. She was absolutely adorable. That was one of my favourite independent women's roles. 

In the groundbreaking A Gentleman’s Dignity, she played Park Min Sook; my favourite female character in the drama. She was annoying, but utterly hilarious. I cheered her on throughout, and felt so sorry for her at times. I admired her spirit and love as well. 

What Happens to My Family? gave her a nagging and immature role which I hate usually, but she pulled it off so brilliantly, I couldn’t but fall in love with her. 

Bae Jong Ok


Though I don’t like this lady personally, I have to admit she’s a great actress. No matter what the role is, she consummates it well. She did a great job as the former North Korean spy in SPY and as the evil secretary with a hidden agenda in That Winter, The Wind Blows. But, what I found really amazing about her was her role as an actress in the drama I didn’t really like: The World They Live In. I was astounded at her bravery and well-done acting there.

Reader's Pick:

Well, Kim Hae Sook was already included in this part. And she's AngieBird's pick:

''PS: I hope you will mention Kim Hae Sook later, she can't be missing - that acting in Hotel King thooooo. :D ''

Here you go Angie!

Kim Hae Sook


This is a wow ahjumma. Every time I watch her I am awed at the screen. She always gets immersed into the role; you either love her or hate her. She wears her roles until they become her, and she has a talent of dragging the audience into her own realm. She’s scary!

Shall I divide her roles?? Evil, good and funny. Though labeling them like this is almost impossible.

Let’s talk about the good roles first. Winter Sonata was my first drama with her. She was Choi Jin Woo’s mother. So kind, so caring and so miserable. Well, I cried watching everything in the drama, and I of course cried watching her pain and her daughter’s.

And there is her most outstanding performance in I Hear Your Voice. As a good character, this is my best of her. She was creakily good. So loving, so protective and so trusting. And how she made me cry!! If there’s a reason why I’d never re-watch the series, it would be her role there. Can’t afford to go through that torture again.

If I were to start with her funny roles I’ll start with Oh! Happy Day. She played Jang Na Ra’s mother who helped her daughter win the heart of the man she loved. She was fierce, funny and manipulative; my favourite type of women. She ruled the film.

I don’t know if I can add her role in The Thieves to the funny ones. I can only say she made a great thief. I think I can add her role in Sweet 18 here. It was small and it was fun; a mother trying to marry off her daughter and suffering the sequences of that immature daughter.

Her funniest role was in The Suspicious Housekeeper. Her hair and makeup were a tale by themselves. But her laugh was hysterical and contagious. Every time she laughed I’d break into a fit of laughter. It was crazy.

Her dark roles! Let’s take a deep breath.

I loved Open City, completely. The acting was superb and the story was intriguing. And Kim Hae Sook played a huge role in that. As a legendary pickpocket, KHS left me breathless watching her struggle between the life she’s lived, and her son’s image of her. That struggle was so real I got hurt as well. Ouch the memory.

Evil KHS was in the awesome Cain and Abel. She played a selfish woman, with a grudge. She was really evil, her voice, speech and those stares. She gave me the creeps.

In A Thousand Days Promise, she was relatively evil. More precisely, a mother ready to do anything for her son –if my memory helps me-. There’s no way for me to actually remember. The main leads didn’t leave a space for anybody else.

Marriage Not Dating gave us another great performance of her. At first I hated how controlling and cold she was. But, as I started understanding her actions, I came to sympathize with her. She was a great conflicted mother and wife.

Her best dark role for me, where she presented a huge range of emotions, was in Hotel King. In the awful drama –allow me-, she did a great job to keep reminding me that there was a great acting opposite the loose story and some terrible acting –you know who I mean-. It was insane watching her living in hatred and the urge of revenge. I wonder if she was ok after playing the part.

Honorary Mention:

Jung Hye Sun


I won’t mention where this VETERAN actress played –I practically can’t-. But I just want to mention that she always leaves an impression –especially an evil one-. She has that effect on the audience. And she does her parts really well.

Reader's Comment:


'' Sadly, in the entertainment world, life for women seems to end at 40. These women are beautiful and talented. Yes, some of that beauty may be 'helped', but I wish I had the ability to be 'helped'! You betcha I'd do it too! I'm really enjoying you get towards the end you will need to add some halmoni's! Or maybe another series of over 50's? 60's? Your work will never end!!!''

Dear eonni; 

Nobody wouldn't be glad to be ''helped'' if they could afford it. Blame our stars. As you can tell up, I included all ages in this series. Sadly, there aren't so many great actresses out there.

Chohwa's Special Actress:

Kim Hye Eun


One more lady I love, but not the best of actresses. It depends on the role, and I think her mood.

I so so loved her in Triangle. And well, didn’t blame her –I would do the same if I was in a relationship with Kim Jae Joong-. Anyway, she played her part perfectly. She was really good at being a b*... bad girl I mean!!!

In Secret Love Affair she got on my wick in every single scene. And, as much as I love her, I couldn’t stand her there. She wasn’t adorably vexing, she was basely so.

She was so cute in I Do, I Do. Still she played a similar role. I don’t know if I’ll ever see her playing something genuinely different, but I’ll cheer her on no matter what.

Can't wait to read your thoughts and your picks.. See you in the next part soon ^^ Thank you for loving the series.