by shinju, April 10, 2016

After seeing many polls here and there on MDL, I noticed that actors are mostly chosen for being handsome or cool.

I don't mean to say that the handsome actors aren't good, however in my opinion there is more than coolness or looks. Here are a few actors that find to be brilliant, but underrated here on MDL.

Let's start!

1. Okada Junichi


Despite being from JE, his acting is really something!

He received two prizes in the Japan Academy Awards last year.

Roles he did a great job in:

Dear Friend


A really heart-warming story and I think he did great in his role at his age.


Kisarazu Cat's Eye


This is a drama you should all know about, right?!

It was a hit for him and enabled him to step up in the acting world.




Another hit drama. This was so good! Great acting and good action in it.

This not the typical detective drama, it shows you a very different point of view.


Gunshi Kanbei


This was my first taiga and historical drama and I think I'll never watch anything better than this.

I love it so much, just give it a try and you'll become addicted to it!


Fly, Daddy, Fly


This movie was so cute, especially Tsutsumi Shinichi's role, and Okada was really cool in it.

It's a family movie, you're going to like it. :)


Insight Into the Universe


I NEVER thought I'll enjoy this movie. It was about creating a calendar, but it was really amusing.

I ended up enjoying it a lot!

2. Kitamura Kazuki


OMG, this man!

If you don't recognized him... sorry, but you may not have entered the drama world yet.

This man has the best expressions in acting I've ever seen and has had many big roles.

I'll show you some of them:

Anata no Tonari ni Dareka Iru 


I don't remember this drama well, but the only thing I remember about it is his villain role.

His acting was really good in this one.


Yokai Ningen Bem


Truth is that I didn't like this drama very much, but here you will see the difference in his role compared to the previous one and you can really see his acting abilities.




I've only watched this one without subtitles so far, but it was amazing. The Yakuza role fit him really well.

I still need more time to catch up on all of his other works.

3. Suzuki Ryohei


This man has had many small roles in different dramas but I didn't recognize him until I watched a drama he had more than small role in it - And I thought this actor was brilliant!

Two examples:

Tenno no Ryoriban


His acting was so good, it made me cry a lot.


Surely Someday


This movie was hilarious, so funny and so good.

You'll laugh and cry at the same time.


That's it for this time. :)

Wait for the second part and if you know any underrated actors, tell me and I'll try my best to include them.

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