by Skye-N-Rain on June 7, 2017
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Hello everyone!     
If you are reading this, then hopefully that means you want to help MDL by becoming a writer. We are currently looking for 7 committed writers to join our team.



◘ Writers need to be fluent enough in English to write an article that's not filled with many mistakes. Two editors will still go through your article and fix any grammar/spelling errors that are made.

◘ Write a minimum of 2 articles per month. These articles can be news, top 10s, Weekend Movie Recommendations, Currently Watching, and anything else you can think of.

How to Apply:

If you are interested, message Skye with:

◘ What type of articles you prefer writing.

◘ 1 - 2 lines on an article topic you want to write about. 

◘ Include any previous writing samples.     .

Let's work together to make MDL a better place!

    -MyDramaList Staff