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by Drama_woman on September 1, 2017
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Looking for a movie this weekend that just leaves you hugging your cup of tea and possibly eating too many chocolates? Or after something a bit more laugh-out-loud how does this even happen? In a thoughtful mood?

Let’s start with…

A Wedding Invitation


Country: China     Year: 2013     Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

So this one was going to be adorable. I mean it says Comedy, Romance and Drama. It forgot a tag that’s called Heartbreaking though. I wasn’t expecting it to take such a turn! It’s basically a case of childhood friends that love each other and a premise of what happens if they make a contract that says after 5 years, if they’re still single, they’ll get together again? I love these types of dramas, so I went full steam ahead! BUT! What happens when you’re waiting for them and you get an invitation to their wedding? What? How? Who? So much regret.

A roller-coaster of emotions and you get to find out what these last (nearly) 5 years have been like! Will she get him back? Will she congratulate him on this wedding? Will things work out as we expect? That’s where that tag of mine comes in: Heartbreaking. Perhaps it was my own misguided thoughts for what would happen but I was surprised and hope if you’re in the mood for this premise, plus sadness, go for it! I certainly have moments where these movies are exactly what I’m after!

Too Young To Die!


Country: Japan     Year: 2016     Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance

I watched this when I was in Japan, I mean, awesome poster right? Drew me in! The screenwriter is quite famous and the actors too. So what kind of movie is this? It’s honestly so hilarious. What happens if you’re on a bus and you’re in the moment of confession? The moment when the girl you confessed to is going to respond and–

–you wake up in Hell. Jikoku.

You’re the only one on the bus that dies. Sad but also oddly funny!

“Why only me? I’m too young to die and–”

So, what if you’re in Hell and you find out there’s a way to get back to the human world?

Quick guide: Hell? Human world? Heaven?

If this is the version of Hell that we see, what would Heaven be like? What is this endless struggle to get back to the human world? If you could get back to the human world, could it be as easy as it seems? Would you come back to life or come back as someone or something else? You’ll have to watch to find out!

When a Wolf Falls in Love With a Sheep


Country: Taiwan     Year: 2012     Genre: Comedy, Romance

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this movie, but the concept has been going strong in my mind. This balances the monotony of the same job with the same work or the same problems but gets away from the same, same, SAME. How? It’s quite a cute meeting on paper through the sheep – our female teacher – and a wolf – the guy making photocopies of these papers. Going with this, I thought our sheep teacher would be bubbly, fluffy and swayed by our deliciously devious wolf. Oh, how I was wrong! Our teacher draws this little sheep to motivate her students – success – and so the copy guy has no way of interacting with her apart from drawing a reply on the paper.

The students are just really having a great time. I mean, they’re the ones that notice when the wolf appears and the battle between the wolf and the sheep begins. How do you connect with someone if you don’t know anything about them and can only find them in such a public way? Sure, there may be other ways of going about it but I liked this method. The sheep has little thoughts on the page and the wolf responds. I put this in the serious mood because it was more thoughtful than I thought it would be and, dare I say it, less romance! Take it as it is and find out more…

What are your thoughts on these movies so far? Motivated for more movies? 

Thanks for reading!