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Hi! I'm often watching drama or reading books. What first started out as 'listening practice' has now become my addiction! I can speak Japanese and Korean, and recently started with Mandarin. 

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What about all those 'currently watching's and 'on-hold's? You know when you start watching something and you like it but you're just not... quite ready to watch the whole thing and then a whole lot of time passes? That's what my holds list is. I tend to get familiar with the story and stop watching it for a few reasons. 1) It's so good that I'm saving it while I try find the next one. 2) It gets to a sad or inevitable scene that I'm not in the mood for yet. 3) I was watching trailers and got entranced by a new drama. 4) So many interesting currently airing dramas that I need to try immediately!

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When a Snail falls in Love
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My ID is Gangnam Beauty
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Completely finished it without subs!

1st Japanese drama: Heartbroken Chocolatier in 2014. I only remember because it was currently airing and my motivation was high! For some reason, I find Matsumoto Jun's dramas the easiest to understand. I wonder if it has anything to do with watching Hana Yori Dango initially.

1st Korean drama: W - Two Worlds in 2016. I watched this as it aired and just couldn't wait to find out what happened! I saw the first episode then spiraled into planning my nights around the time the new episode would be uploaded and telling as many friends about it as I could. And re-watching the episodes thus far with each friend!


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