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by NewbieNoona on September 25, 2017
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Currently Watching: Attack It, Lightning!


Let’s just say my exposure to sports while in school was limited. And when I say limited, it means it’s almost nonexistent. I sighed, wishing I went to one of those elite schools, or at least elite enough to have inter-school competition.

Sports like fencing. I love fencing. I know nothing of the sport but I think it’s elegant: the mask, the zip jacket, the foil weapon, the glove… I can go on and on.

So, imagine when I turned on the TV and found Attack It, Lightning!? I marathon-watched what I can in one sitting (Ha! Marathon. The only form of exercise I’m good at: 0.0 miles). With a scheduled 30 episodes, this sports-themed show needs an audience willing to sit for a while. And so far, I think it’s worth the popcorn.

Some slight SPOILERS are going to be posted so quit now before continuing.

Still here? Here’s what you need to know.


The story starts from two different worlds: the MMA world where Lightning (Jiang Jin Fu) shines, and the piste, or the fencing strip.

During a title fight between Lightning and Thai boxer, Tiger, university fencing leader, Bai Wushuang (Feng Joyce), drags her half-sister, Zhao Yihong (Chen Koala), to the match. Wushuang fangirls over Lightning hard.


During the match-up, punches fly and blood splatters. But what matters is, Lightning falls in love with a bored Yihong. The problem is, Yihong is in love with elite fencing champion, Deng Erhao (Hu George). Did I mention Deng Hao is returning from France to profess to his first love, Wushuang?

Why You Should Watch This Show


How can these two sports collide in a show? It’s rather intriguing to see how Lightning “retires” from MMA and becomes Leng Zifeng. Someone who usually uses fists and feet don’t end up with a sabre.



Nothing beats a love story where everyone thinks they know who they should end up with but not really. It’s frustrating. It’s annoying. But in the end, it keeps you guessing. It took me a while to set camp on a pairing.



I love it when Lightning calls Erhao Euro Bro. It’s giggle worthy. I also like Lightning’s camaraderie with childhood friend, Li Hu. Not only do they act like brothers, they’re BFFs in blood.



Say what? Wushuang and Yihong are sisters who look out for each other? And they took Leng Zichen under their wings without discriminating her? Impossible, right? Not with this show.



It can’t be a c-drama without the elders having drama! Who is Yang Yan and why did he abandon his junior, Zhao Zhenyu (Wen James)? And why is Ran Shaoquiang of Aosheng Academy hell bent on ruining Zhenyu?


Let me know what you think of the show. At least, let me know if you start falling in love with the term, “en garde!”