by Lily Alice, February 3, 2023

The melodrama movie "A Song for My Dear" starring Sun Dong Hyuk and Jung Ah Mi will get a theatre release in the coming month of March. 

"A Song for My Dear" revolves around the lives of a husband and wife. Dong Hyuk (Sun Dong Hyuk) - whose father was a Sorrikkun (a traditional musician) and mother a Gokbi (a dirge singer) - is a teacher of Korean traditional music at a university. He leads a simple life with his wife Yeon Hee (Jung Ah Mi), whom he loves dearly. But his uneventful life takes a drastic turn when Yeon Hee is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Dong Hyuk now struggles to look after his beloved as he too is growing old and weak. 

The movie has been screened at various film festivals from across the world and has also received heaps of appreciation and positive reviews from international audiences for its heartfelt performances and unique storyline. "A Song for My Dear" is written and directed by  Lee Chang Yeol.

Alongside "A Song for My Dear", Park Sung Woong's "Ungnami" is also gearing up for a theatre release in March. The comedy action movie is based on a Danggun myth. According to the myth, bears can turn into humans after eating garlic and mugwort. The story revolves around twin Asiatic Bear brothers who were under the captivity of a North Korean Institute of Technology. One day, they both make an escape from the institute after eating garlic and mugwort, opening the door for chaos. 

The versatile actor Park Sung Woong, who was last seen alongside Joo Ji Hoon in Gentleman, will play the dual role of Woong Nam and his twin brother Woong Buk I. The movie will also feature Oh Dal SooYeom Hye RanLee Yi Kyung, and Baek Ji Hye, among others.  

"Ungnami" will reportedly mark the directorial debut of Park Sung Kwang