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A Stalker's Guide to Ryu Joon Yeol

      Name: 류준열 Ryu Joon Yeol or Ryu Jun Yeol

      Birthday: September 25, 1986

      Instagram: ryusdb

      Blood Type: A

      School: Suwon University Major in Film & Acting 

       Winner of Baeksang Arts Awards:   2016 Best New Actor (TV) &  2017 Best New Actor Award (Film)

Ryu Joon Yeol got my attention in 2015 with his wonderful performance as  Kim Jung Hwan in Reply 1988. I remember seeing the promotional poster (pictured below) and thought "WHO IS THAT GUY IN THE BLACK SHIRT?" Obviously I was Team Jung Hwan from first sight, but I became even more obsessed with him after I saw his wide range of emotions when acting and how he could play lots of different roles with ease.  He has only been in two dramas (I keep commenting on his Instagram posts, asking him to be in a new drama but have yet to see results- you should start commenting too) but has been in many wonderful movies these past few years. In this stalker's guide you will learn about the man, the actor, the soccer football fan and turn away loving him more than you did when you clicked on this article.

2015- Reply 1988 AKA Rise to Popularity 

For those who have never watched a Reply series, it is a very cut throat fandom. You choose who you think will be the husband and hold on for dear life.  As addressed above I am a Team Jung Hwan member, but fear not Park Bo Gum fans--- I actually stalk him too so I will not be bias. No spoilers either! Anyway... In the drama Reply 1988 Ryu Joon Yeol plays Kim Jung Hwan, a stoic and sarcastic guy who grows up a floor above Sung Duk Seon (Hyeri) the star of the drama. The question is who will Duk Seon marry? The mean and secretly caring Jung Hwan or Choi Taek (Park Bo Gum), a genius Go player who live across the alley? We watch as both men grow and mature while fighting for the love of Duk Seon. 

This drama went on to have 18.8% viewership in Korea, making it the highest rated Korean cable drama in history. Unlike the previous Reply series, this one focuses on family a lot more which brings more beautiful acting from Ryu Joon Yeol.

2016- Lucky Romance and One Way Trip

Following his success in Reply Ryu was cast in MBC's Lucky Romance opposite actress Hwang Jung Eum. In the drama he plays genius Je Soo Ho, who at 31 is the CEO of a game developing company. He is struggling to come up with a fresh game concept and keeps running into Shim Bo Nui (Hwang) a superstitious attractive woman who always carries salt with her to fend off bad luck. Together they work through their troubles and on a new game; of course becoming closer through the process. This drama basically showed a really cute and happy Ryu Joon Yeol character. He hasn't played such an adorable character since.  Watch if you want a cuteness overload.

One of his first big film roles was in One Way Trip with many talented up-and-coming actors such as Ji Soo and Suho from Exo. He plays the role of Ji Gong one of 4 friends who go on a trip and experience an incident that will change all of their lives forever. Another great example of an emotional role for Ryu. He knows how to pull on my heart strings.

2017- Movie Man

Since he got his break in 2015 Ryu has been in an average of 3 movies a year. Many of which were commercial successes and gained him much recognition and a few awards. I will list some of my favorite performances of his and hope you take the time to watch them.

The King (2017)

In this film Ryu plays Doo il a badass mother f***** heavily tattooed and doing all sorts of illegal stuff for Jo In Sung's character to rise up in the prosecutor's legal system. Watch if you want to see  a dark and handsome Ryu Joon Yeol- who am I kidding? He is always handsome, so an extra handsome Ryu Joon Yeol who won a Baeksang Arts Award for his role. 

A Taxi Driver (2017)

        If you are like me and enjoy historical movies based off of real life events then you should give this film a chance. It was the 2nd highest grossing film of 2017 in Korea and was picked as the representative from South Korea for the 90th Academy Awards Foreign Language Film Category. Ryu Joon Yeol plays a college student in 1980 who helps translate for a German journalist and his taxi driver who has come to cover the story of the  Gwangju Democratization Movement.  In this movie you get to hear Ryu speak English a lot and frown at his horrible 1980s haircut^. I highly recommend this movie. It was a really a touching story and all the actors in it did an amazing job.

Little Forest (2018)

In this supporting role, we see Ryu as an apple picking farmer in the country side who helps his childhood friend  find peace and a sense of worth. This is a really peaceful and beautiful film that shows that sometimes a simple life is the best for a person. They filmed this movie over the four different seasons and made me hungry with all the beautiful food made. When I watched this movie I saw Ryu in a more peaceful light that I had not seen in many of his films. It was  a refreshing performance.

Believer (2018)

Probably my favorite film of his so far, he plays Rak a member of Asia's drug cartel. After being the only survivor of a explosion that killed both of his parents and severely injured his pet dog he is out for revenge by helping the police track down the mysterious Mr. Lee, the leader of the drug cartel. Ryu plays a quiet character in this film, with most of his acting being through his superb facial expressions and emotional eyes. I was on the edge of my seat during this film looking forward to every scene. He kills this performance.

In conclusion I want Ryu Joon Yeol to be in another drama soon so I can see him twice a week for more than a month. Please help me in convincing him to star in another drama. He speaks English so comment comment comment on that Instagram. I know oppa will do wonderful stuff in the future, it doesn't matter what it is, he will prevail. Thanks for reading my stalker's guide!

Lastly I leave this:

Different from the brusque Junghwan who couldn’t express himself well in ‘Answer Me 1988’, the real Junyeol oppa is really affectionate and his personality is totally opposite of Junghwan. He listens well to others objectively. He’s definitely not a brusque person.“ - Hyeri

Disclaimer: All the gifs I did not make and credit goes to their makers on Tumblr and etc. Photos belong to their owners also.

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