by steffi-chan, September 19, 2018

Do you ever see a really cute guy in a drama and become so eager to know his name? Someone so eye-catching that you feel the urge to watch his other dramas, stalk his social media and get to know him through his interviews? Because that’s exactly how I felt when I stumbled upon Seo Jihoon.

I first saw him in School 2017, where he’s known as the “guitar guy” by fans. I knew he was cute and that he was set to snatch my heart throughout the drama. But what I didn’t know was that I was going to like him more than I should. And by the moment I started paying attention to him more than the actual main characters, I realized I was out to binge-watch more dramasㅡ his dramas, to be more specific.

But before I introduce you to the roles he played, here's a little information about this endearing personality!


Name: Seo Jihoon
Birthday: April 25, 1997
Hometown: Daegu, South Korea
Company: Management Koo
Years active: 2016-present
Personal Instagram: jihux
Company Instragram: management_koo
Company Vlive: Management KOO 

Random Facts

  • He has a cat.
  • His favorite singers are Jeff Bernat and Paul Kim.
  • His favorite season is winter.
  • His ideal type is someone who is bright and positive.
  • His favorite dessert is mini tomato.
  • His favorite words are humility and family.
  • He likes tonkatsu.
  • He doesn't eat spicy food.
  • He likes strawberry more than watermelon.
  • A fan asked him to choose between cats or dogs, he chose both.

All information are from his instagram!

Now onto the dramas...

Matching! Boys Archery (2016)

Seo Jihoon played his first main role in Matching! Boys Archery as an adorable, friendly archer named Yoo Jiwan. The drama revolves around five archers and their manager, Hong Shiah (played by Kei), who is apparently struggling to become a webtoon artist. With Yoo Jiwan's likable personality, he certainly is good friends with everyone including their manager. But do not be fooled! This is not your typical drama where boys fall in love with the same girl and fight one another to get her heart. Here you will learn about a friendship of people with different attitudes and intentions, and how they will manage to look beyond that.

Saying more about Jihoon's role would pretty much spoil the drama for you. However, rest assured that this drama will make you like him more! Even though he has other lovely roles, this one has a different feel in it - something that will make you want to cup his cheeks and put him inside your pocket ˃̵ᴗ˂̵

Also, get ready for the eye candies and a lot of butterflies!

The Legendary Shuttle (2016)

In contrast to his role in Matching! Boys Archery, Jihoon plays a school delinquent in KBS Drama Special The Legendary Shuttle. He makes other people do things for him, such as buying him snacks. If Jihoon made you swoon with the soft Yoo Jiwan, he will definitely snatch you again as the badass Jo Taewoong. I mean, admit it or not, almost all of us had a bad boy-obsessed phase at least once in our fangirl lives. And he will definitely bring that back again!

Don't worry, though. He's not as problematic as you expect him to be. The drama special mainly focuses on his relationship with the transfer student, Kang Chan (played by Lee Jihoon). It's the perfect friendship drama to entertain you on a Friday night.

Solomon's Perjury (2016)

If y'all think Jihoon was only meant to sway our hearts, then you are totally wrong. He proved this in the novel adaptation Solomon's Perjury, where he played the role of Bae Joonyoung, a student who takes part in a school trial lead by his friends. Despite his friendly, loyal attitude, he actually suffers from a problematic household.

This drama showcases a more mature and serious Seo Jihoon that you will love. Prepare yourselves for his tear-jerking scenes because they seriously are a thorn in the heart! Aside from that, this also marks a change in his roles as he starts to have a love interest from here. 

It was in this drama that I realized how promising he is and his abilities as an actor should be shown more to the public. I also have to say that this role left a strong impression on me and is actually my most favorite. Anyone can act like a cheesy high school boy, but not everyone can express the heavy emotions of a scarred child, yet Seo Jihoon nailed it!

School 2017 (2017)

(pic credits to naver)

Finally the drama that introduced me to him...

Jihoon played Yoon Kyungwoo, a talented student who used to study abroad, in School 2017. He always carries his guitar with him and can often be seen playing in the classroom. It is noticeable that he became closer to Oh Sarang (played by Park Sewan) as he eventually tags along with her and Kang Hyunil (played by Rowoon).

What drew me in to him in this drama is that, other than his good looks, he has the charisma that pulls you to him like a magnet. He could just stand there and I would go extremely nuts! Not to mention, he has good chemistry with Park Sewan as well. He only had a very small amount of screentimeㅡsometimes, he won't even show up for the whole episodeㅡbut it was all enough for me to like him so much that I just REALLY had to get more of him.

Longing Heart (2018)

Here's a cheesier, outgoing, and head-over-heels Seo Jihoon as he played the young Kang Shinwoo in Longing Heart. He experiences the struggles of unrequited love, especially when a new teacher shows up and steals the attention of his love interest.

This time, there's no bullying, no school trials, no toxic parents - just a high school student trying to make his way through the rest of the school year while aiming for the girl he likes. We get a different kind of cute Jihoon (like how he jumps over his crush's friend request), something that hasn't been seen from any of his dramas before.

What I find interesting, and at the same time, sad, about this drama is the fact that his rival is actually himself 10 years into the future (played by Lee Jungshin). How frustrating could it be that the person you like finally liked you back, but it's not even you at all?

Other Dramas

Seo Jihoon also played a lot of minor roles (those of which I didn't prioritize), including the drama called Signal, where he made his debut as an actor. Below are the other dramas he appeared in:


Signal (2016) - Role: Jang Taejin
A Special Meal of the Weirdo 'Nara' (2017) - Role: Go Shisaeng
Prison Playbook (2017) - Role: Minsik
Misty (2018) - Role: young Ha Myungwoo

He also has an upcoming fantasy drama, Tale of the Gyeryong Fairy, which is said to be released in November 2018.

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