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beside lan tian ye


beside lan tian ye


pisces + infp
꒰ carrd ꒱

I don't really consider myself a "fan" of dramas as I'm not dedicated in watching them like other people. I only watch dramas and movies as a way of relieving my stress, escaping from the real world, and basically fulfilling my fantasies. The world of dramas and movies has become my safe space over the years and MDL is such a special platform to me. Also, you might see me ranting or being mad about a certain drama or movie, but don't we all do that at some point? Lol. Please bear with me!



genres/tropes that i like or watch the mostgenres/tropes that i don't like or rarely watch
high school/college/youthmedical (can't stand operations)
childhood friends to lovershistorical (can't stand brutal fighting)

fantasy (too unrealistic for me)


Irie Naoki x Aihara Kotoko
(Itazura Na Kiss)

They're the reason why I got into Japanese dramas and were my first favorite couple in drama land. Even though there's a lot of other fictional couples with the same dynamics, they just have a special place in my heart! Kotoko and Naoki managed to do what we all wish we experienced in our time: to end up with the person you like the most.

Lan Tianye x Su Cancan
(My Youth)

Tianye and Cancan were able to form a friendship before they even fell in love with each other and that's what I love about them as a couple. Cancan saw him as a friend she can rely on and feel comfortable with. Tianye developed a crush on her when they became seatmates in 10th grade. Tianye was never a tsundere. As soon as he realized that he likes the girl, he went out of his way every single time just to take care of Cancan. Tianye really does set the bar high. 


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