by Lily Alice, April 17, 2024

Actor Choi Woo Sung (The King: Eternal MonarchIt's Okay to Not Be Okay), who will be seen as Detective Cho Kyung Hwan in Chief Detective 1958, joins the ranks of actors who have undergone intense physical transformations for their on-screen characters. 

In Chief Detective 1958, Choi Woo Sung takes on the role of Cho Kyung Hwan, a detective who works at Jongnam Police Station and is well-known for his physical strength.  

He is a passionate young man who goes from working in a rice store to becoming a police officer with a strong sense of justice. He appears tough on the outside but is warm-hearted on the inside.

Actor Choi Woo Sung put extraordinary effort into transforming into the character of Cho Kyung Hwan. It is reported that he attended action school before filming and successfully underwent an intense physical transformation to resemble the original character Cho Kyung Hwan from Chief Inspector by gaining 25kg.  

This actor's new look is expected to evoke nostalgia in viewers who enjoyed the classic 1971 drama Chief Inspector.

In other news, actor Choi Bool Am, who played the original Chief Inspector Park in Chief Inspector and earned the nickname "Korea's Columbo", will be making a special appearance from episode 1 of the upcoming action drama. 

Chief Inspector was a domestic hit drama that aired for 18 years with 880 episodes, achieving a peak viewership rating of over 70%.  

Director Kim Sung Hoon said, "Although it was for a short duration, he [Choi Bool Am] put ample effort into each line of [his] dialogues. He also gave many opinions on costumes, props, and space, and did his best for every scene." He continued, "I felt proud and honored to be able to work with teacher Choi Bool Am, even if it was for only a short span of time, in this project." 

Chief Detective 1958 will premiere on April 19. The K-drama will be available to stream on Disney+.