by Lily Alice, April 12, 2024

Netflix has released a teaser for its upcoming thriller Goodbye Earth

Goodbye Earth tells the story of people living in a world that is headed towards destruction, with only 200 days left until the collision of Earth and an asteroid. Ahn Eun JinJeon Sung WooKim Yoon Hye, and Yoo Ah In among others, are cast in the series.

The teaser commences with a news report informing Korean citizens of asteroid Dina heading towards Earth in 300 days, and NASA has classified the Korean Peninsula as the impact location. 

Citizens who couldn't escape to safer countries find their lives turned upside down overnight. From protesting crowds flooding the streets to criminals escaping, and organizations posing as military and threatening citizens, the societal chaos grips the peninsula in darkness.

Meanwhile, children living the unfortunate reality of never having the chance to become grown-ups become targets of various crimes, while adults in Woongchun, including middle school teacher Jin Se Kyung (Ahn Eun Jin), strive to protect them until the end.

The title card that reads "Together Today, Tomorrow, Till The End" hints at the perseverance of the caring Jin Se Kyung (Ahn Eun Jin), Woo Sung Jae (Jeon Sung Woo), an assistant priest who takes care of the parishioners, and Kang In Ah (Kim Yoon Hye), the leader of the combat support battalion, in keeping people safe and sticking with their beloved ones until the end.  

Goodbye Earth will be released on Netflix on April 26. Watch the teaser here