by Lily Alice, April 17, 2023

The TVING original series Bargain, which was officially invited to the Short Form Competition section for the 6th Cannes International Series Festival, bewitched the audiences who attended the festival.

On April 16, Bargain was screened at Lumiere Grand Theater in Cannes, France. At the official screening, an integrated version of episodes 1 and 2 of the main story of K-drama - which lasted for 1 hour and 11 minutes - was released. After the screening was over, the audience burst into cheers and gave a standing ovation for about 3 minutes. On the auspicious occasion, the director of the K-drama Jeon Woo Sung said, "The fact that the drama was screened at the Lumiere Grand Theater itself was a very honourable and valuable thing". Actor Jin Seon Kyu commented, "It was an honour to be in the prestigious place I've always seen on TV, and I felt my heartbeat rise from the moment the official screening started till the end of the standing ovation".Actor Jeon Jong Seo, who re-visiting Cannes after five years, remarked, "K-content has been loved for a long time, and I'm happy that Bargain will play a role in continuing the craze again this time". Actor Chang Ryul also expressed his ecstasy saying, "It seems like I'm having a glorious and happy dream because so many people came to the theatre and gave me warm cheers and applause."

The K-drama will now compete in Short Form Competition against nine other foreign series at the closing ceremony, which will be held on April 19. 

Bargain is the only South Korean drama in the competition section of the festival, and it is expected to compete against prominent foreign series nominated together, which are as follows: Good Morning Chuck (Or the Art of Harm Reduction) (Canada), Carthago (Israel), Childhood Dreams (The Netherlands), Corduroy (Israel), Dead Ringers (United States), Power Play (Norvège), Prisoner (Denmark), Spinners (France, South Africa), Tapie (France). 

Awards will be given in five categories: Best Series, Music Award, Screenplay Award, and Actor Award.