by lo_ve, January 15, 2021

"Beyond Evil" unveils its second trailer featuring the mysterious confrontation of main leads Shin Ha Kyun and Yeo Jin Goo.

JTBC's upcoming Friday-Saturday psychological thriller drama shared another teaser on January 15 ahead of it's broadcast. 

In the clip, Yeo Jin Goo's character Han Joo Won was seen questioning Shin Ha Kyun's character  regarding the secret behind the rural village, Manyang. 

"Beyond Evil" depicts the story of two men who will do anything in pursuit of the serial killer in Manyang. With the question as seen on the poster and trailer "Who is the monster? Is it you? Is it me? Is it us?", the story will chase the multifaceted nature of humans hidden behind an incident. 

Director Shim Na Yeon. who showed excellent work on Moment at Eighteen and Han Yeo Reum’s Memory, will join hands with scriptwriter Kim Soo Jin   [Mad Dog] in making this much anticipated drama come to life.

The second trailer started with the gloomy atmosphere of Manyang and Yeo Jin Goo's character Han Joo Won standing alone in the field. Voice over of Shin Ha Kyun's character Lee Dong Shik follows with him giving warning to Han Joo Won. He asked him to be careful because there's no secret hidden in the said place.

Han Joo Won, an elite detective, went to the local police station of Manyang with many questions about the place and it's people due to an incident he's handling. Lee Dong Shik, a former detective and now a sergeant at the local station gave intriguing answers that stimulates more curiosity on what secrets are hidden in the village.

Viewers are already looking forward to the drama with Shin Ha Kyun and Yeo Jin Goo showcasing great synergy with just the thrilling trailer.

"Beyond Evil" will premiere on February 2021.

Second Trailer :