by Lily Alice, March 7, 2023

The upcoming rom-com Bo Ra! Deborah is officially confirmed to premiere on April 12. 

Bo Ra! Deborah tells the love story of a dating coach and a chic publishing planner who struggles when it comes to love. 

The drama casts the stunning actress Yoo In Na as Yeon Bo Ra. Bo Ra! Deborah will be the actress's first drama after SnowdropShe will be seen as an influencer in dating and a prolific writer of a best-selling romance novel. Yeon Bo Ra works as a writer under the pen name Deborah. Her life as a writer and dating coach Deborah is perfect as she gains a lot of popularity for her work. But her life as Yeon Bo Ra is different. 

Yoon Hyun Min plays the male lead Lee Soo Hyeok - a publishing planner with a picky but pleasant personality who dislikes Deborah because of her know-it-all attitude about love. But he begins to see her in a different light when he unexpectedly gets involved with her. And Joo Sang Wook is the smart and well-natured Han Sang Jin - the best friend of Soo Hyeok and CEO of Jinri Publishing Company. The drama also includes Park So JinHwang Chan Sun, and iKON group vocalist June

Along with the confirmation of the release date, ENA has also released teaser posters of Yoo In Na from the drama. In one of the posters, she is seen smiling with twinkling eyes, portraying her character Deborah's perfect life. 

On the other hand, the second poster shows a sharp contrast with Yoo In Na in a messy state with her makeup smudged and a sad expression on her face. The contrasting posters draw curiosity as to the life of the character the actress plays. 

Bo Ra! Deborah is directed by Lee Tae Gon, well known for his work in dramas like Diary of a Prosecutor and Age of YouthAh Kyung penned the screenplay.