by Lily Alice, February 8, 2024

On February 8, the production team of Pyramid Game revealed the first set of stills from the K-drama, featuring Bona.

Pyramid Game depicts a cruel survival game in which the students are divided into perpetrators, victims, and bystanders in class 2–5 of Baekyeon Girls' High School by secret ballot, which takes place once a month.

The stills tantalize with the intense circumstances Sung Su Ji finds herself in after transferring to class 2–5 at Baekyeon High School.

Having frequently transferred schools, she thought it would be a piece of cake to adapt to her new class.

However, her expectations are shattered when she learns about the Pyramid Game, in which a student is voted out as an outcast once a month. After receiving an F in the game, her school life becomes a nightmare.

Sung Su Ji's gaze, filled with anger at the unfair bullying, hints she is tired of enduring injustice. Will Sung Su Ji change the tide and bring an end to the Pyramid Game?

Idol and actress Bona describes Sung Su Ji as "a confident and smart person. She doesn't just accept or give in to the Pyramid Game like other students of class 2–5. She's not just kind, but also calm, and not cold. I think the word 'cool' suits her best." She continued, "I worked hard to focus on these aspects while acting." 

Bona also said she found the script fresh and interesting the first time she read it. She chose "psychological battle" as the keyword for describing the K-drama Pyramid Game and further commented, "I found it fascinating that students confront violence in the game not with violence, but in different ways."

Pyramid Game will premiere on on February 29.