by Lily Alice, March 1, 2023

Brain Works concluded its 16-episode drama on February 28. Its last episode garnered a nationwide viewership of 4.9%. The average rating for the entire drama is 4.0%. Despite increasing the viewers' interest in its finale week, the drama could not surpass its first episode's rating, also its highest, of 5.2%. 

Where to watch the K-drama Brain Works?

All the episodes of the K-drama are available to stream on Viki and Wavve

Meanwhile, the Park Hyung Sik starrer Our Blooming Youth observed a slight improvement in ratings for its latest episode. The historical rom-com garnered an average nationwide viewership of 3.60%. But the drama's first episode - with a rating of 4.21% - still remains the most-watched episode. The average rating of the show for this week is 3.47%. Our Blooming Youth will now enter its 5th week of airing. Hopefully, it will continue to interest both domestic and international viewers.

When and where to watch the K-drama Our Blooming Youth?

Episode 9 of Our Blooming Youth will air on March 6. Watch the K-drama on Viki and Prime Video.