by Lily Alice, February 21, 2023

The ratings of the mystery-comedy K-drama Brain Works rocketed from 3.4%(episode 12) to 4.3% (episode 13) on Monday. It depicts significant improvement in the show's popularity among the South Korean audience. 

 Brain Works commenced with a viewership of 5.2%(also its highest rating to date) and has maintained a streak of single-digit ratings so far. The drama's lowest ratings are recorded as 3.3% for its 4th and 8th episodes. 

After the broadcast of tomorrow's episode, Brain Works will head into its finale week. Hopefully, the drama will continue to rise in ratings. The show's cast includes Jung Yong HwaCha Tae HyunKwak Sun YoungYe Ji WonJung Dong Hwan, and Woo Hyun, among others.   

When and where to watch the K-drama Brain Works?

Brain Works airs every Monday and Tuesday. It is available to stream on Viki

Meanwhile, the historical drama Our Blooming Youth, starring Park Hyung Sik, hit its lowest rating of all time. The drama managed to garner an average nationwide viewership of 3.55% for its 5th episode. 

The show commenced with a rating of 4.21% (also its highest viewership to date), and since then, it has scored only 3-point ratings so far. The drama is in its 3rd week of airing. Hopefully, the upcoming episodes will surpass the previous episode's viewership and increase in popularity. 

Apart from Park Hyung SikOur Blooming Youth also stars Jeon So NeePyo Ye JinYoon Jong SeokLee Tae Sun, and Heo Won Seo in the lead roles. 

When and where to watch the K-drama Our Blooming Youth?

The show airs every Monday and Tuesday. Check out the K-drama on Viki.