by Lily Alice, September 22, 2023

Kim So Yeon, the CEO of Walt Disney Company Korea, attended the 2023 Disney+ Open House held on the morning of September 22 in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

When asked about Moving Season 2, CEO Kim So Yeon said, "We are definitely considering Moving Season 2. We have been discussing it since the beginning because Kang Full's work has a broad worldview and potential".

She continued, "We knew Moving would be successful, so we have been open [to the possibilities of Season 2] and discussing it. We need to discuss the details, but I absolutely want to do Season 2. When Kang Full takes a break and returns, we will start the story, but our determination is firm".

She also said, "As you probably know, Moving achieved good results right after its release. It is the most successful work among all content since the launch of Disney+, and from a business perspective, it has become an important turning point for us".

CEO Kim added, "I believe that the strength of the story based on Kang Full's webtoon played a significant role. It had the power of a well-crafted story that became tighter and deeper as it crossed various genres in each episode".

Moving is a superhero drama that follows children living in the present while hiding their superpowers and parents who have lived hiding painful secrets from the past. 

The popularity of Moving was also evident in the number of new subscribers to Disney+. Moving attracted approximately 1,40,000 new users just one week after its release and ranked first in the popularity index.