by Lily Alice, April 16, 2024

Kim Su Hyun, aka Claudia Kim, undergoes a shocking transformation for her character in The Atypical Family.

The Atypical Family tells the story of a family of superpowered individuals who have lost their abilities due to chronic diseases common to modern-day people and a woman who becomes involved with them. 

The stills depict Bok Dong Hee's (Claudia Kim) shocking transformation. Once a successful model, she has now gained significant weight and lost her ability to fly due to her heavy body.

Just as she attempts to break free from the constraints of the Bok family, a "suspicious intruder" named Do Da Hae (Chun Woo Hee) appears, bringing variables to her plans.  

Claudia Kim described Bok Dong Hee saying, "Bok Dong Hee is like a character someone looks up to. Although she has her inner conflicts and stress, she doesn’t compare herself to others and strives to become a better person with her own confidence."

Commenting on her first-ever attempt to try on special makeup to portray Bok Dong Hee, Claudia Kim said, "It was much more challenging than I had imagined. However, looking at the scenes, I feel grateful as an actress that my character Bok Dong Hee is enriched [through special makeup]."

She also commented on the reason for choosing The Atypical Family, saying, "After watching director Jo Hyun Taek's previous drama SKY Castle, I thought he depicted the conflicts between characters well. I became curious about how he would direct The Atypical Family. I also liked the actors I would be working with, and I was eager to play and grew fond of Bok Dong Hee as she seemed like a difficult character to approach. I was excited about the physical transformation."

The Atypical Family will premiere on May 4. More news about the K-drama's OTT streaming service is yet to come.