by OldAnimeLady, May 24, 2019

This May contain Spoilers for Episode 1

Why did I start? Well, Yamapi of course, and I was hyped since it was first announced. The set up is an anti-social parasitologist that trusts every other living creature besides humans. The premise while very far fetched is entertaining thus far by creating a balance of entertainment and education while not dumbing it all down. Also, any of the gross factors are taken out with kawaii (cute) animations.

The show is based on a manga created by Ao Akato who originally launched the "In Hand" manga just about three years ago in March 2016, originally as a mini-series. After proving to be a success, it started to receive a regular serialization in October 2018.

So who is in it?

Yamashita Tomohisa plays Himokura Tetsu, a wealthy genius that is not to keen on having people invade his personal habitat. He is a true tsundere character. Over the course of the past 5 episodes, we learn a lot about his past and why he is like this.
Hamada Gaku plays Takaie Haruma a doctor with a strong sense of justice who gets fired for tangling with hospital policies.  He then gets hired as Himokura's assistant which is not an easy job! 

Note: some of you may recognize Hamada from Proposal Daisakusen and as a patient in a Code Blue 2  episode.
Nanao plays Makino Tomoe she works for the Science Medical Responders Office, basically, a department that is elected by the people to watchdog the Ministry of Health. The department head just wants to skate by until retirement, Makino wants to use this position as a stepping stone to greater things so she wants to make an impression with the higher-ups by doing her job the best she can.

A few things I like about this show... Hmm...

The opening song is catchy. ("Change" single by Yamapi)
The picture is linked to the opening video.
Cute animations when discussing a topic that would turn most people away from the show.

Himokura lets nothing get in his way to get what he wants and ignores social and often legal rule to obtain it. While coming off as Terse and anti-social he has a big heart. His assistant figures this out super early and only want to support him. The government worker is still unsure of him, but because he is an expert she is going to use him to further her career.

The storytelling while episodic has the mystery of Himokura's background as the threaded story stringing them together. I invite you to give this show a try and see if you are as happy with is as I am.

Are you planning to watch it?