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Orlando Florida

My latest Fan video

The Kabedon

Sorry can't link anything but Youtube videos at the moment, but this does open in a separate window for you.


1-VsArashi- I am locating all episodes, and putting them on my One drive for the episode descriptions on this site.  (so far I think we only have up to some 2010-89 episodes out of 430+) if you want to to help send me a pm.

2. Stalker's Guides -  PM me if you'd like me to write one on your favorite Japanese Actor/Actress.

3.Watching Challenge - 52 week Challenge   and 2018 Watching Challenge

My Rating System for Dramas
  • 1- Not worth the air the actors breathed while making this.
  • 2- Waste of digital space
  • 3- This sux
  • 4- Look at the picture, read the synopsis, you get more out of it than the actual drama/movie 
  • 5- This is bad
  •  6 - Watchable
  • 7- Mediocre 
  • 8- Recommended watching
  • - Almost great
  • 10 - Everyone should watch it

Who are the men that make me Shiver?
Kamenashi Kazuya
Stalker's Guide
Yamashita Tomohisa
Ninomiya Kazunari
Stalker's Guide
Matsumoto Jun
Stalker's Guide

I want to add this because i am learning Japanese I love this guy, there is a play list of all his lessons.

Another great youtube channel is Rachel and Jun


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Helper on Arashigoodies Livejournal
Happen to play Wow? Here's my pet collection, it's been 4 years since i played and was no. 2 on the server but i am still proud.

My website is and watching Jdramas is my latest hobby.

My story goes like this.. I have been watching Anime for almost 20 years, one day I am bored, stuck on the couch cause I am waiting for them to tell me why I am in so much pain. turned out I needed Laser Spine surgery.

I watched an Anime called Say I love you.  I fell in love with the Shōjo format . 

My first Drama was Itazura na Kiss

After that I fell deep into the well that is Jdrama and by my stats on this profile page, I am glad I cancelled cable, cause I was never watching it


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