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Orlando Florida

Video Links to My favorite Japanese Christmas Pop songs

【Arashi二宫和也】Nino-Merry Christmas数码控solo_三次元音乐_音乐_bilibili_哔哩哔哩

KAT-TUN White Christmas

Another Christmas -Yamapi


Because the holiday is not native to Japan, there is no Japanese phrase for "Merry Christmas." Instead, people in Japan use the English phrase, pronounced with a Japanese inflection: Merii Kurisumasu. Written in katakana script, the form of writing Japanese use for all foreign words, the phrase looks like this: メリークリスマス (Click to listen to the pronunciation.)


Goals (from November carried over)

1-VsArashi- I am locating all episodes, and putting them on my One drive for the episode descriptions on this site.  (so far I think we only have up to 2009 -82 episodes out of 430+) if you want to to help send me a pm.

2. Stalker's Guides - Look for (Ohno) Leader, and Aiba Misaki  as they are already on the Editors desk.  Plan to write  Ikuta Toma, Kimura Takuya, Yamada Ryosuke, and Araki Yuko.

3.Watching Challenge -Just watch what I can December is crazy for me


My website is and watching Jdramas is my latest hobby.

My story goes like this.. I have been watching Anime for almost 20 years, one day I am bored, stuck on the couch cause I am waiting for them to tell me why I am in so much pain. turned out I needed Laser Spine surgery.

I watched an Anime called Say I love you.  I fell in love with the Shōjo format . 

My first Drama was Itazura na Kiss

After that I fell deep into the well that is Jdrama and by my stats on this profile page, I am glad I cancelled cable, cause I was never watching it


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