by lo_ve, February 1, 2023

The upcoming ENA K-drama "Delivery Man" starring Yoon Chan Young and Girls Day's Bang Min Ah revealed its official airing date.

On February 1, ENA released two new posters showcasing main leads Yoon Chan Young and Bang Min Ah. It was also indicated in the poster that the upcoming K-drama will start airing starting on March 1. 

The two posters showcased the taxi driver named Seo Young Min played by Yoon Chan Young and the soul who has amnesia named Kang Ji Hyun, played by Bang Min Ah. The two will work together on a mysterious murder case and will showcase a fun, brutal, and out-of-this-world investigation. The caption on the poster also says, "We will solve all of them," hinting that the two will work together to solve the mysteries. 

"Delivery Man" will air every Wednesday and Thursday and the first episode will be out on March 1.

"Delivery Man" will showcase the journey of a taxi driver who helps and fulfills the last wishes of his passengers who are ghosts. 

Aside from Yoon Chan Young and Bang Min Ah, the series will be led by Kim Min Seok, Winner Kim Jin Woo, Kim Seung Soo, and Moon Hee Kyung

The K-drama will be the next collaboration of director Kang Sol and writer Han Bo Kyung. They previously worked on the hit K-drama "Show Window: The Queen's House."

"Delivery Man" will not only be available on the ENA broadcast channel but will also be available on OTT platforms Genie TV, and TVING. The upcoming series will have a total of 12 episodes. 

This will be the follow-up K-drama of Yoon Chan Young after starring in two OTT seasonal K-dramas "Hope or Dope" and "All of Us Are Dead" in 2022. 

Meanwhile, this will be the comeback of Bang Min Ah to the K-drama scene after two years. She was last seen in the 2021 series "Check Out the Event." 


Are you curious how Yoon Chang Young and Bang Min Ah will work together to fulfill the wishes and mysteries of the ghosts in the upcoming K-drama "Delivery Man"?