by lo_ve, August 31, 2022

The upcoming drama "Whirlwind" (literal translation) will reportedly be led by top stars Han Seok Kyu and Kim Hee Ae

On August 31st, media outlets reported that both Han Seok Kyu and Kim Hee Ae got the offer to lead the upcoming drama "Whirlwind." The series will be the comeback project of writer Park Kyung Soo

Kim Hee Ae's agency YG Entertainment responded to the reports and stated that the new series is one of the works that the actress is currently reviewing. 

Meanwhile, Han Seok Kyu's side hasn't responded yet. 

"Whirlwind" will be a political drama that will showcase the journey of a prime minister who will work as an acting president. The drama is set in the Blue House and National Assembly.

This will be the first project of writer Park Kyung Soo after five years. He is known for the works "Punch," "Golden Empire," "The Chaser," and more. 

Han Seok Kyu got the offer to play the role of Park Dong Ho, the Prime Minister who is determined to create a country without crimes. 

Meanwhile, Kim Hee Ae received the offer to play the character named Jung Soo Jin. She is the Deputy Prime Minister of the Economy.

There are no official details yet on the broadcast channel and date of "Whirlwind." 

If Kim Hee Ae confirms her casting, this will be her second upcoming drama. The actress will first star in the 2023 series "Queen Maker" together with Moon So Ri, Ryu Soo Young, Kim Tae Hoon, Lee Kyung Young, and Jin Kyung.

Meanwhile, Han Seok Kyu is set to star in several dramas this year. He will lead the upcoming series "When the Day Breaks," "It May Be a Little Spicy Today," and the possible third installment "Dr. Romantic 3." 


Do you wish to see Kim Hee Ae and Han Seok Kyu in one political drama?