by Lily Alice, April 17, 2024

On April 17, a press conference for the upcoming K-movie She Died was held in Seoul, attended by Byun Yo HanShin Hye SunLee El, and director Kim Se Hwi.

It is reported that the K-movie's release was delayed for about three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Shin Hye Sun plays the role of Han So Ra, an influencer who fakes her life on social media to get people's attention. Judging by her Instagram posts, one can assume she lives a glamorous life. But in reality, her posts are nothing like her reality. She posts pictures of vegan salad while secretly eating sausages and takes photos of other people's luxury bags as if they were her own.

Commenting on her on-screen character, Shin Hye Sun stated, "[Being an influencer is] a kind of a job, so one can't avoid attention. I actually feel burdened by receiving attention, although it's good professionally."

The actress added, "I tried not to become too absorbed into the character. So Ra lives with the goal of getting attention, but it comes off as insincere. While I understand that receiving attention [from people] can boost self-esteem, I tried not to delve deep [into the character]."

She Died tells the story of a realtor, Gu Jung Tae, who witnesses the death of a social media influencer, Han So Ra, after sneaking into her home. He gets framed as the murderer and now has to find the killer and clear his name. 

She Died will premiere sometime in May.