by Lily Alice, December 4, 2023

The upcoming TV Chosun drama My Happy End has unveiled a group and character posters featuring Jang Na RaSon Ho JunSo Yi HyunLee Ki TaekKim Hong Pa, and Park Ho San

My Happy End is a psychological thriller that revolves around Seo Jae Won, the CEO of a successful furniture company. From a successful career to a perfect family, Jae Won has everything a woman can ever dream of. But, her seemingly perfect life takes a turn when she realizes she was betrayed by people she trusted and discovers secrets that turn her life upside down. 

Jang Na Ra, who plays Seo Jae Won, the CEO of the furniture brand Drev and an influential figure, harbors revenge, saying, "Just wait and see. I'll make you all feel this hell too."

Son Ho Jun plays Heo Soon Young, Jae Won's devoted husband, who prioritizes family above everything else. His sincerity shines through, especially when he comforts his wife, saying, "If you're having a hard time, you can let go. I'll help you." 

So Yi Hyun, who plays Kwon Yun Jin, Seo Jae Won's college mate and an assistant professor at an art school, exudes sophistication. Shocked by the dazzling life Seo Jae Won leads, Kwon Yun Jin adds curiosity, saying, "Thank you so much, Jae Won. You know, you're the only one I have," adding an air of mystery about their past. 

Lee Ki Taek, playing Yoon Teo, the head of the design team at Drev, who goes by his English name Theo Harris, captivates with his sorrow-filled eyes and a smile that expresses sadness. The text on his poster reads, "Don't worry. Even if you get the wrong answer, I won't turn my back on you." 

Kim Hong Pa, as Seo Jae Won's stepfather Seo Chang Seok, who loves his daughter more than anyone else, exudes warmth. The text on his poster conveys his affection for his daughter, "Jae Won, are you okay now? Nothing happened, right?"  

Park Ho San, taking on the role of Nam Tae Joo, a detective turned insurance investigator, creates a sense of suspicion with his confident and desire-filled gaze. He asks, "What proposal do you have for me?"

The group poster showcases the mirrored reflection of Seo Jae Won, surrounded by other characters, intensifying the mystery. The text reads, "I can't trust anyone anymore," hinting at Seo Jae Won's inner turmoil, heightening anticipation for the gripping thriller.

My Happy End is scheduled to premiere on December 30.