by lo_ve, February 2, 2023

Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun are both in discussion to lead the upcoming K-drama "Welcome to Samdalri."

On February 2, news outlets revealed that Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun have been picked as the leads of the upcoming JTBC k-drama "Welcome to Samdalri." 

Shin Hye Sun's agency YNK Entertainment responded to the casting news. The agency confirmed that Shin Hye Sun did receive the offer to lead the new k-drama but they also reiterated that nothing has been decided yet. 

Ji Chang Wook's side hasn't responded to the reports yet. 

"Welcome to Samdalri" will be the collaboration work of director Cha Young Hoon ("When the Camellia Blooms") and writer Kwon Hye Joo ("Hi Bye, Mama!"). 

The upcoming k-drama will tell the story of a hero who looked like a dragon ascending to heaven, and falls to the earth after losing everything and regaining his breath. 

"Welcome to Samdalri" will reportedly have a total of 16 episodes and it is scheduled to premiere in 2023. The k-drama will also exclusively air on JTBC. 

According to reports, Ji Chang Wook got the offer to play the role of Cho Young Pil, the troublemaker of the Mado Meteorological Administration. 

If Ji Chang Wook accepts the offer, this will be his second upcoming k-drama for the year. The actor is also set to star in the upcoming series "The Worst of Evil" with Wi Ha Joon, Im Se Mi, Im Sung Jae, BIBI, and Geum Kwang San.

Shin Hye Sun on the other hand got the offer to play the role of Sam Dal. She pursued love and continued to date to find her other half, but ends up returning to her hometown after another break-up.

This will also be a possible second k-drama of Shin Hye Sun in 2023. The actress is set to return to the k-drama scene after three years with the upcoming series "See You in My 19th Life" with Ahn Bo Hyun.


Do you wish to see Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun work together in the upcoming K-drama "Welcome to Samdalri"?