by Lily Alice, July 7, 2023

Netflix has unveiled promotional stills for D.P. Season 2, featuring Jung Hae InKoo Kyo HwanKim Sung KyunSon Seok Koo, and others.

D.P. Season 2 picks up the story from the aftermath of the Cho Seok Bong incident, with the members of the 103rd Division's Military Police Unit dispersed. The released stills depict the military headquarters intervening in the unchanged reality, expanding the story further. The stills also give a glimpse of new character dynamics and their circumstances, with Han Ho Yul in a military hospital, Park Bum Goo (Kim Sung Kyun) facing disciplinary action, and Im Ji Sup (Son Seok Koo) receiving a transfer order. Jun Ho finds himself with a new replacement.

Having experienced significant events together, Bum Goo and Ji Sup take the first steps toward cooperation, overcoming their past conflicts. The changed relationships and chemistry between the characters, such as Corporal Jun Ho and Captain Ji Sup, who now undertake missions together, catch attention.

Actor Jung Hae In expressed his anticipation, saying, "Encountering new characters brings forth different chemistry. I hope viewers will find it enjoyable". Koo Kyo Hwan also highlighted the evolved dynamics of the Jun Ho and Ho Yul duo, stating, "If Season 1 was about meeting all week, Season 2 focuses on intense encounters over the weekend. We promise to deliver a heartfelt camaraderie that".

Kim Sung Kyun commented on the deepening bond between Ji Sup and Jun Ho, saying, "They will have a chance to reveal their inner thoughts more. Viewers will find the changing dynamics intriguing". Son Seok Koo added to the curiosity surrounding their strengthened relationship, saying, "While there was fun in clashing with Park Beom Goo in Season 1, now it feels like we've become comrades".

D.P. Season 2 will be exclusively available on Netflix starting July 28.