by Tmahi, May 5, 2018


It's no doubt that Korean dramas are famous worldwide. There are a bunch of dramas that have introduced Korea as the drama making legend that it is. Some of those dramas that are beautifully recognized to us today ad to struggle a lot to be recognized as great dramas. 

I am here today to mention some dramas that are very close to my heart (maybe they are also loved by you) and are also special in another way...  These  dramas were predicted to be flops but managed to impress us [especially me] in everyway! 


                              STRONG WOMAN DO BONG SOON

RATING : 7.6% / MDL RATING 8.8

As we all know, it's the first JTBC drama that managed to rate a whopping 7.6% in the nationwide Nielsen ratings. But it was expected to be a commercial flop just because it's a JTBC drama. Actually, no other drama from this channel rated this much at the time. When it first started, it was thought to be unsucessful like other JTBC dramas. I saw that channels always matter in making a drama commercially a hit or successful, even though I hate that sort of idea. Well, it ended up being one of the most famous dramas of that year and also became one of the HIGHEST RATED KOREAN DRAMAS IN CABLE TELEVISION HISTORY! A line from the drama perfectly describes this situation, "Beauty never hides. It comes out no matter where the place is." This drama is a real gem.


 RATING : 8.3 / MDL RATING 8.9

I think many of you can already guess why it could have become a flop...mainly because of the lead actress BAE SUZY. Netizens really thought it could become a flop because of the actress. As everyone knows, LEE JONG SUK is one of the most decorated actors of this decade and the lead actor of the drama. Many people commented across the web stating that BAE SUZY will ruin LEE JONG SUK's career by taking part in the drama. She was even rejected from many big projects. But surprisingly, she broke through all of the negativity and proved herself as an amazing actress. She did a great job in making the drama a super hit. With all that said, I think that the drama could have been so much better if she was not the lead.


RATING : 38.8% / MDL Rating 8.8

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (Is this sound coming out of your mind when you saw this drama on the list??)

I know you guys are shocked by seeing this drama on the list and some of you are about ready to kill me because of it. We all know that this drama has broken records and turned out to be one of the most popular dramas of all time. But it's true that success doesn't come without struggles and this drama had many struggles before it even began. Initially, there were doubts about the profitability of the drama, as a story involving a soldier was thought to potentially not be enough to gain a high rating. This was revealed when SBS was reluctant to continue with the project, which was then passed to KBS. According to local reports, the lead actor SONG JOONG KI was not the first choice of the writers and directors. The actors who rejected the role were WON BIN, JO IN SUNG, GONG YOO, HYUN BIN and KIM WOO BIN. Despite such problems, DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN  became one of the best dramas and one of the most commercially successful dramas of all time. Proud of this drama. Hats off!!!

This was my first article. Let me know what you think in the comments below.   Thank you for reading!

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